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    SG 2100 won't go west

    Thats my only receiver as for disconecting sensors Im guessing your talking about opening up the unit. I may give that a shot but were expecting rain turning to snow so it will have to wait. thanks for the replys
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    SG 2100 won't go west

    Viewsat reciever, Primestar oval dish, sg 2100 approx 4-5 yrs old. I can go to setup and manually drive dish east but it won't come back west. Light turns green on reset but flashes red soon as I try to move dish. I can't really complain if its shot, I have not had to do anything to it since...
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    Confirmed Boxing Clottey vs Pacman

    The last fight I watched on there, Pacman, was at least an hour behind infact I read the results on Sporting news as I was watching the third round.
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    sg2100 Noise

    Shouldn't be a problem especially if on roof. Mine is about 20-25 ft from house and I never noticed any noise.
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    AMC 21 and SonicVoom

    Thats what I get for playing around, I had the LNB type set on universal so when I switched it back to standard, bingo got sound. Thanks for the help I appreciate it. Theres an old saying that says "If it aint broke dont fix it"
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    AMC 21 and SonicVoom

    Using optical, I did notice when I hit the audio button it dosen't show what audio format is being used. I believe it used to say Dolby arsomething like that, now nothing.
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    AMC 21 and SonicVoom

    I am using the Cyberhome SonicVoom for PBS on AMC 21. I'm only getting one PBS channel with sound the rest are silent the one with sound is 12104 4340 V. I'm guessing thats the one PBS not using AC3 audio. I used to get most of the PBS channels before but now just the one, if anyone else is...
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    wsee - Bahamas on AMC 21 Ku

    I saw that last night it scans in as FUSION KU1 also BBC News but only has color bars and the leters KCET on the screen now 12169 4444 H
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    When and where to scan?

    AMC5 was good last year for football H.S. and college but but it wasnt the "big" games mostly alot of division 1 AA and H.S. I had to work the last two saturdays so I never got a chance to see what was on, and as far as the NFL they are few and far in between especially now that G18 has gone...
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    AC3 Converter

    Go with the sonic
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    RTN Finally

    I read alot of posts about running a line directly to the dish that I figured I'd try it, and it worked
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    RTN Finally

    Removed the switch and ran my line directly to dish and now I'm watching it. Used to keep a stationary dish aimed at G10 but thats useless now not much on there anymore, I can wait for my dish to move there now.
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    Primestar 84e with SG2100 problem

    Didnt some of those motors have a problem with tracking, I recall a thread about people returning them and getting exchanges because there was a manufacturing problem with them the magnets inside were not installed properly.
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    amc 9 83 w classic tv here

    I know its due to the other signal and I have adjusted the S/R but still no good, I need a slightly bigger dish thats it.
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    Primestar 84e with SG2100 problem

    Hilsat you have to adjust for error on the motor brackets, that elevation guide is close but not perfect.