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    Goodbye Dish Network

    Dish has allowed 722 & Hopper equipment on the same account. Back when I was DA/FS, I talked to a tech who was installing 2 HPRSLNG in a guest house on an acct that had three 722s. I told the tech that's not an option. Customer gets on the line and screams do it or I cancel. Got him to Loyalty...
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    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    Yeah, or TE meaning "Tool Exceptions"
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    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    I was a Dish CSR for 5 years so I do know all about business rules. Especially ones that EVT broke lol
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    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    Eh, I'll chime in and say DIRT sometimes doesn't know what they're doing. There was a promotion going on last year that DIRT said they had no information on, but I was able to call and get it no problem. Considering it was a promo that a tier 1 CSR could provide, I highly doubt they were...
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    Free upgrade to the Hopper 3?

    They really should've called the Hopper 3 the Dingo. :)
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    Name Change on Account

    OTARD. It's not just a good idea, it's the law.
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    Doesn't designated locals eliminate a true free market?

    IIRC, Waco TX has two CBS's, one based out of College Station and the other out of Bryan.
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    Dish Continues to Lose Pay-TV Subscribers

    Maybe call it handegg!
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    Is this number associated with DirecTV?

    Seems to be DirecTV collections.
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    Channels that need rename/rebrand?

    They could rearrange the letters in Music Television and get Live Mice Sit On Us.
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    Different local channels

    Cable has different rules for locals than satellite does.
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    Dish Telemarketing Violations May Cost Them Billions in Fines

    Hello me, it's me again!
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    Tulsa and OKC locals from Griffin Communications on clock with Dish now

    I "moved" to KC. Didn't occur to me to get either Ada or Wichita. Makes sense though.
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    Tulsa and OKC locals from Griffin Communications on clock with Dish now

    Tulsa is within the Kansas City spotbeam, fyi.
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    FOX News Channel/DISH dispute

    They should've replaced it with Al-Jazeera. For the lulz.