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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    Fav fall memories- Picking apples , plums, and tame cherries off Grand Fathers trees
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    Nfusion nova

    Bought one a few weeks ago also for $20, nothing like my coolsats for FTA no blind search, found it a little easier to use after putting factory files on it but still was sad and slow (my opinion) even for $20 i wish i had of left it where it was.
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    Need Help with Intelsat 5 Am

    Not to familiar with universal lnb's but don't he need 22khz turned on?
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    *choice lnb

    That's one of the pluses for the quad starchoice lnb you can have 8 sats to one 4 i/p diseqc switch using 4 starchoice dishes.
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    82/91/101 on one 30-inch dish. How??

    You'll still have to rig something up, where your 30" dish don't skew, so you'll have to attach that bracket on a angle to dish arm some how, also you need to buy proper bracket for right dish ie: bracket for 24" won't be any good for a 1.2 meter because of spacing mentioned above. But if you...
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    82/91/101 on one 30-inch dish. How??

    A bit different spacing for lnbs on a 24" and 30" ,24" lnbs and sats being closer while the 30" they will be a little wider apart. could you take off one of them plastic sockets (lnb holder) on the above holder and screw it to the top hole on your stair bracket to see if it close.
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    *choice lnb

    Same thoughts here, Good Luck with it
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    82/91/101 on one 30-inch dish. How??

    Sorry i can't recommend one maybe someone else will, i make my own with wood/metal/tie straps/tape/etc, to me the one you have above the highest bracket (lnb spot) needs to be a little higher and just a little out more ( I'm assuming that the 2 closest are 82 and 91) maybe you can fab something...
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    *choice lnb

    101(sat B 22khz on) should be on the left side and 97 (sat A 22khz off) right side when behind dish, if you wanted 97 & 93 then 97 would be (sat B 22khz on) the left side and 93 (sat A 22khz off) right lnb. some skews and elevation settings i found to work or get me very close with starchoice...
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    82/91/101 on one 30-inch dish. How??

    If your dish skews the lnbs will be inline, if no skew on dish the lnb's will be in a staircase like the above bracket. Also if you align 101 and then align your circular sats it may be easier to find them.
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    *choice lnb

    Some of the combination's i've got with it (75E) here in Nfld in CBS 107 - 111 101 - 97 97 - 93 and for sat b 22khz on no sat A 87,89,93.1,99,105,113,123,125 never did much looking under 87W yet with the starchoice dish
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    Anyone try the Omegasat?

    Don't know anything about them but seen a advertisement on galaxy 19 selling them new for 69.99 in a language i didn't understand if that helps any with price on E-bay
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    How many LNBs can you fit on a dish?

    I found on my 1.2m i could get 111W linear to 82W circular, and i could get 1 degree spacing for 111W linear and 110 circular by strapping (tie straps and tape):) lnbs together side by side, and pointing in a little, found that after i had 4 on there i had to put support under the arm, from the...
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    Dish 500 with Linear LNB for Anik F1R

    Seen similar dishes here in Newfoundland to dish 500 with starchoice on them being used for it only had one lnb on them thow. Still in use, and never here's him complaining, so can't be to bad. the footprints I've seen seem to say a 1.2 meter should pull in some C band as well. if you live in...
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    Question for SatAV re Fortec Star Lifetime NA

    Had a similar problem with mine and resetting back to factory resolved my problem, i also thought it was remote or sensor, as it was working one sec and next nothing, then would work a minute and so on. maybe worth a try.