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    Is Dish downgrading the audio on movies?

    I found I was having this issue with some of the titles on Epix. Every once in a while a title I know I've seen before in 5.1 would be 2 channel.
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    U503 comments.

    I noticed yesterday that I was no longer getting the screen issues on my OTA channels. I checked the version and I was at 503 as of 10/11. it appears to have fixed my OTA issues.
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    Has the Search functionality changed on the Hopper 3?

    Thank You so Much!!!! That is it. Hit the zero key to do the search. Yes....what a horrible update for us that really need the search functionality.
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    Has the Search functionality changed on the Hopper 3?

    No tabs at the top. The search does not find anything so no opportunity for tabs at the top.
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    Has the Search functionality changed on the Hopper 3?

    I've noticed that search functions have appeared to change on my H3. I'm a track coach and in the past I would just search for "Track and Field" and the hopper would pull up any programs with the words "Track and Field" in them. it would pull up my recordings as well as any programs coming on...
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    I don't think you understand. OTA through dish with the H3 is sketchy at best now. If I would like to record my fox affiliate now it has to be with the OTA module through the receiver. The signal pops and pixelates all the time now. Due to the Tribune dispute I can't record the regular...
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    I have all kinds of issues. It is extremely problematic now because I lost a fox channel in the Tribune dispute. My only way to watch nfl games without going to the tuner on the tv is through ota on dish. I would think they would never want a subscriber to leave the dish ecosystem.
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    I just called dish and they are sending out an antenna. I asked (even though I know) if i just plug it into the receiver or the television. They said they will be sending an email with installation instructions for integrating it with the receiver. I assume they are also sending a OTA dongle...
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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    "I would like to win a HopperGO!"
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    Hopper 3 terrible HD picture

    My TV is nowhere near the quality of yours but I did go in and make several picture setting changes. I'm not at home right now but this is what I remember: Model - 55UF6450 LED 4k television Expert 1 Backlight - 40 Contrast - 80 Brightness - 50 Gamma - 2.2 All noise reduction and edge...
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    Hopper 3 terrible HD picture

    I don't mean to beat a dead horse but I agree with the OP. My picture quality did not degrade to the low quality that he is showing but I did see a difference when I upgraded my hopper with sling to the carbon UI. The picture was much softer and I just took it as an issue with the upgrade and...
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    I would like to be contacted for replacement of: HWS H2K 2 joey 1.0's I would like a Hopper 3 and three 4k joeys
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    Where can i find the Dish presentation?

    I was wondering the same thing. I hope that Cnet is playing fair. I stopped visiting their site after their shenanigans 2 years ago over autohop. I just recently started going back to them.
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    Samsung Sucks -- Less (Updated!)

    I'm with you Scott. I had a Samsung Plasma crack right in front of my face 2.5 yrs ago. The tv was out of warranty but a screen should not just crack after 14 months on a $2500 television so i fought and fought and finally got reimbursed. They kept saying that it was physical damage on my...
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    Hopper with Sling Software Version S502 is Out

    My system is fried. New receiver coming on Wednesday. The receiver is constantly rebooting and comes up and says it needs to format the HD. Watched a lot of OTA yesterday.