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    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    Status update: NBC signal has improved for me quite a bit, all of the transponders I scanned in are in the 70s with the exception of 2 weak ones that might be on another sat. Curious to know how many of the "24" are active on SES 11 because I sure do not get 24 at this location in total. My...
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    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    Guess we will see how the "handover" procedure goes, as I understand it the new satellite will co-exist with the old one for some time in roughly the same orbital location to try and avoid any interruption in service. Looks like they are planing in orbit testing at 142.5 west. Not sure if it...
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    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    Yes, this happens a lot for me, because I just have a 6 foot solid dish which is definitely not 2-degree compliant (generally this means 12 foot or bigger). Also it's not perfect as to where the dish stops. On some locations I land perfectly coming from the east, but from the west it doesn't...
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    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    YES! Good news is, once you get them all installed, all you have to do is weed eat around the poles :)
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    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    SpaceX successfully launched the SES 11 (Echostar 105) last night. It will be replacing AMC-18 C / AMC-15 Ku at 105W. It has 24 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders so I'm hoping for some new content in the future once this mug drifts into the orbital slot. It NOW makes since why NASA moved to...
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    NASA Eclipse 2017

    I traveled to Kentucky with my telescope and recorded HD video of the eclipse. Watch for the moment I removed the solar filter, and make sure to watch in HD! Enjoy!
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    Saved V-Box position location question

    Any known problems with the GeoSatPro Micro HD when using the Titanium ASC-1?
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    Saved V-Box position location question

    I MUST HAVE THIS!!! So is there a positioner that understands two actuators? or would you have to have a separate box for the elevation adjustment?
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    24 foot 3 1/2" Structural Steel Pipe, good for 10' Dish?

    I saw a reducing collar fabricated out of PVC, more like a bushing that took up the slack. Another member did something like this, I thought was neat.
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    What famous/infmaous game do you remember watching on BUD?

    2015 World Series with NO COMMERCIALS, had to be my favorite. during the breaks they went to a shot of the field, where players where warming up, great night.
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    Saved V-Box position location question

    Might as well give some input and get some feedback while we are on the subject. I save my satellite positions as the orbital locations like this: 55W - 55 97W - 97 99W - 99 101W - 01 105W - 05 127W - 27 I like being able to look at the Vbox and see the orbital location displayed on the Vbox...
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    Digiwave 2.4 meter DWD240T

    Check out my other post about the tree blockage :D
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    NASA-HD On G13

    Well "operation falcon" was a decent success. Installed strand hooks on the 24' foot extension and utilized the cable company's strand. That plus my Pole Pruner extended all the way got it back at least. Like Eleanor Arroway's Dad (Well he was an Alien actually) said in Contact "This was just a...
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    DirecTV Now only $10 a month if you are a wireless customer.

    They need an app for Roku, that would actually work out quite well. Can you get this service if you are already a DTV and AT@T customer both, so we could try it out?
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    Direct tv help

    Review on Amazon says that receiver might not work outside of the zip code the card was programed for. I'm not sure how that is possible though. Maybe put your home zip code in the box instead of your actual camping location. Oh and the device is called a LNB for Low Noise Block and if it has a...