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    PTAT issue

    The PTAT recordings run until 12:01 am. While this has been going on for a few weeks, the schedule for this coming Monday shows PTAT ending at 11:01, as it should. I guess I'll see if it stays that way come Monday.
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    PTAT issue

    No sporting, or any other type of event explains this. None of the recorded programs in the PTAT folder, for each Monday, end later than 11:00. Bear in mind it happens every Monday and has been going on for some time.
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    PTAT issue

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing an error with PTAT for Monday's only? Specifically, I'm seeing PTAT recording from 8:00 to 12:00 instead of the standard 8:00 to 11:00. This is been going on for awhile now and I can't find any reason for it. I'm in the San Francisco market.
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    Can't Type In 5 Digit Channel on HWS

    I'm having the same problem. It appears to be related to the removal of the drop down lists. For example, most of the regional sports networks begin with 412 followed by a two digit number (mine are 412-01 and 412-09). Until a few days ago, you would see 412-00 (I think it was 00) with a plus...
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    Dish Network on a 4K tv

    While the HD channels are broadcast in either 1080i or 720p, Dish receivers only output one format. The user can select the format in the settings from a selection of four-480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i/1080p. I make this point because I leave my Hopper w/sling set to 1080i/1080p all the time even...
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    Power Off now works on Hopper 3

    OMG-I wonder if this fix will migrate to the original Hopper and the Hopper w/Sling? I first noticed the problem in January 2013 on the original Hopper and again last summer when I migrated to the Hopper w/Sling. I've called four or five times about this issue with my pleas to fix the problem...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    I'm also interested in upgrading to the Hopper w/Sling. I have a single TV with the original hopper.
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    Discrete power off code acting as power toggle

    Yes, I know about using a discrete power off followed by the faulty discrete power off to essentially get a working discrete power off. Can anyone confirm this problem also exists on the Hopper w/sling?
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    Discrete power off code acting as power toggle

    This issue has never been fixed on the original hopper despite me making several calls to Dish technical support. Can someone confirm the discrete off code still acts as a power toggle on the hopper w/sling? It's amazing this problem has now been going on for over two and a half years. It's...
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    Format [*] on OTA channels?

    It's a bug! Just go to a Dish delivered SD channel and use the "*" button to get the format you want. Retune to the OTA channel and it will reflect the format you selected for the Dish delivered SD channel.
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    Is there a bug list?

    My biggest gripe (most annoying bug)-the power off discrete code hasn't worked properly for over two years (Scott knows about this). If you're not familiar, the Hopper supports power discrete codes, one for on and one for off. Send these codes from a universal remote and you can utilize macros...
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    OTA question

    Have you tried what it says in post 3? That always works for me.
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    Dish Anywhere App Remote

    Yes, that's my assumption. Contemplating whether a move to the Hopper w/Sling might be wise. I'm very reluctant as I'm thinking of moving to DirecTV due to the numerous bugs (broken discrete power off code, only manual recording of non-primary sub-channel OTA programs, no ability to manually...
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    Dish Anywhere App Remote

    I don't have Sling but my Hopper does have a broadband connection. I just don't see the remote icon, in the upper right hand corner, that I've seen in some screen shots. Is 4.0.21 the current version (I'm running it on an Android tablet)?
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    Dish Anywhere App Remote

    I've installed the latest version of Dish Anywhere despite not having a Hopper w/Sling (have original Hopper). I was wondering what the app could do without Sling. Specifically, I was wondering if the remote control functionality would work. Unless I'm missing something, the remote control...