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    Legalities ???

    Actually this isn't the case. Star Choice and Bell use two different sections of the KU-Band which have different uses. Star Choice uses the Anik satellites which operate in the "lower" FSS KU-Band and use lower power typically around 100watts per TP. Satellites in the FSS KU-Band (I don't...
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    Bell Express VU PDF listings/uplink report discussion - 11/1/2006 - New format

    Very interesting. The TPs that the Southeast and Southwest US no longer receive on 82w are the same TPs that now have a level 100 signal at my vacation home in West Virginia outside of Pittsburgh, PA (about 350km from the US/Canada border). Those TPs didn't even suffer rain fade during severe...
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    HD Radio

    What???? Very few US radio stations are broadcasting in digital. Out of the 10,000+ radio stations in the US only 1,000 (or 10%) are transmitting in digital. I would hardly call than most! From what friends of mine have told me this will likely be the most that convert to digital and the format...
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    ExpressVU - 4 New HD Channels

    Equator-HD and Rave-HD are both comming from VOOM. Equator is a 100% duplicate of the American channel. The Equator site had Vu listed as a provider offering the channel. Rave-HD appears to duplicate about 75-85% of the American schedule with the remaining being Canadian content. I've had Vu's...
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    VOOM in Canada

    I was kind of surprised I didn't find this in the HD programming discussion. Last month (Oct. 2006) Canada's ExpressVu began carrying VOOM's Equator-HD and Rave-HD. Since I defected to "Canada" when the VOOM satellite service closed it's doors I was very excited to see some of the VOOM...
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    voom receiver reboots when tuned to pbs-hd

    I know this is old, but I haven't been here for a long time. I have the same problem with WQED-Pittsburgh. It would be ok if they multicasted their analog and I would just block out PBS HD, but PBS HD is all WQED transmits!!! The SOBs got an FCC exemption and don't have to duplicate what is on...
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    cant receive pbs, channel 9

    mdovell, I get the rebooting problem on our PBS station too. They only air the PBS HDTV Channel so I think it is something in the data stream comming from that feed to all stations getting it. The problem here is that the PBS channel causing the reboot is the main one. Any others I receive come...
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    Woah what was that BEV?

    One would think Toronto would be the worst place for a uplink facility. Especially in winter with the lake effect snows. Derwin, very interesting. The 6100 is a fickle machine. When signal is lost it goes through all the TPs on both sats looking for signal. Once it finds a signal it sits...
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    Woah what was that BEV?

    Was BEV having problems yesterday evening? About 20 minutes into Dr. Who on CBC Toronto all the TPs at 91w droped to 0. About 5 minutes later all the TPs on 82w went down to 0. Then 30 minutes later everything returned to normal. Anyone have something similar yesterday? Where does BEV uplink...
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    No charges for those w/ outstanding service calls?

    That was not what it said. It doesn't matter what Rainbow "meant" to say they didn't say it. This would be like me punching you and then I turn around and say 'I didn't mean to hit you.' I would fight it.
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    Last VOOM Statement

    I received my final statement today, June 15th. The due date is June 13th. When I called I was told I would have to pay a late payment fee! Nice to see those who got a "loyalty credit." I was a sub for a year and didn't see a "loyalty credit." With Rainbow dishing out money I'll just give...
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    Help with locals scan

    That isn't the way things are going. Stations were given a choice to stay on their digital channel, move their digital to their old analog channel, or choose a different channel if their analog was on 2-6 or their digital was on 52-69. An overwhelming majority of stations have chosen to give...
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    Help with locals scan

    The city where the unit was activated determines the default local channel map. However, with VOOM gone these channel maps are useless. With the scanning function the box will receive all locals with a high enough signal level and transmitting Channel Name and Number from anywhere. I have 12...
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    Packages & Prices of Bell Expressvu

    The 800's are HDTV channels. That's probably why it went there. It appears the channels are separated with the English channels using the low 800's and the French channels going on the high 800's.
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    Reset Voom STB

    There are different ways to reset the receiver. Unplug it for a few minutes or press and hold the power button till the flashing orange dot on the receiver stops. Either of those resets will not disrupt your OTA access. There is a factory reset in the hidden menus. I will not tell you how to...