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    Locals, Spotbeams and transponders

    Would Richmond HD locals or Johnson City TN. reach Charlottesville VA?
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    I have been a dish customer for the past 5 yrs. and have had enough. I want to switch to Direct but locals are not available here. I "moved" with dish so I could get locals in HD plus fall into the Braves dma so I moved to Tennessee. My question is I would like to have Direct but wanted to know...
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    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    I have had Dish out to my house twice and they still can not get a signal above 50. My neighbor has Direct with DC locals and he has a signal over 90. He moved from DC installed his dish here himself and never changed his locals. My only fear is I have them install it and then have a hard time...
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    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    Where can I find there spot beam maps?
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    directv nationals

    Is there a list of spot beam markets for Direct?
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    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    I have Dish now but they do not have local HD channels in the Charlottesville VA. area so I "moved" to Charlotte NC. which uses the same spot beam as Charlottesville and was able to pick up there HD locals. My problem with Dish is their signal strength is terrible here (30-50) at best. I am...
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    I have all 4! :)
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    Im waiting for the same thing. Should go live today I hope...
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    Richmond VA. HD Locals

    Im sure you will get Roanoke locals in HD when there turned on in March.
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    Question about adding another receiver.

    I just bought another HD TV and want to add another receiver so I can get HD on that TV. I currently only have a 622 running my two TV's. If I buy another HD receiver can I just un hook TV 2 and connect the new receiver to that connection? Also will I still be able to record 2 shows on my 622...
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    2/18/2009 1:52pm - Uplink Activity Report - 71 changes

    I wonder if the Dayton OH. spot on 129 tp 3 will reach me here in VA? I show a 65 signal strength on tp 3 but it does not say spot beam. not sure if that is what I am picking up or not?