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    Cancelled Dish Today

    My girlfriend has Directv and she's always complaining about the small font on the guide. Also, the DVR one time just erased all her recordings and continually hides many recordings from the standard list. You have to go into manage recordings to search for them. This was corrected once with...
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    Organize DVR recordings by season

    Thanks JSheridan! Very easy once you find it.
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    Organize DVR recordings by season

    Is therea way to organize my DVR recordings chronologically by seadon and episode. For example, I've been recording old episodes of the Twilight Zone on METV. But they don't broadcast all episodes in order chronologically by season and episode. Can I reorganize them that way?
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    Collapsible channels

    But you should be able to disable it. I want to see my Regional Sports channels and see what's on simply by scrolling. The extra step is just a pain. It even shows up on my favorite list. I do understand your points though for those who do not set up a favorite list and do not want to scroll...
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    Collapsible channels

    Thanks. I can't see any advantage to having this feature.
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    Collapsible channels

    I've just returned to Dish after two years with the much more expensive Directv. One new thing I don't like is now my guide shows my regional sports networks and Sirius/XM channels in this collapsible format where I have to click to see all those channels in my guide, even those that I have...
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    TV5 Monde is now available in HD!

    Wow, I thought this thread was about TV5 Monde being available in HD.
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    Disconcerting experience with Dish video chat

    No outstanding balance. No wife, I'm divorced. Forgive me for lack of knowledge but I don't know how to use the cert in your signature.
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    Disconcerting experience with Dish video chat

    I have been looking to return to Dish for a little while. I was a Dish customer from 1999 to 2008, left for Directv for a year, came back and then went to Directv again in 2012. I went to Directv primarily to get NBC Sports in a lower tier so I could watch NHL playoffs. I used to have Dish...
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    return to dish

    Looking to return to dish after 2 years with directv with bill $30 higher than i was paying with dish. I have a question. Is BEIN Sports Español part of the latino bonus package. The 2 channels i want most are BEIN Sports Español and NBC Sports for soccer and hockey. How can i get this combo...
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    DISH Guarantees $250 Savings to Satellite Pay-TV Customers Who Switch

    People still buy Cadillacs? Haven't seen one for years. Mercedes, BMW, etc yes, but in CA Cadillac disappeared long ago.
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    DISH quietly renews deals with CSN

    Do you want to watch this year's Celtics? :)
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    Dish Comcast RSN Dispute

    This is great because i'm probably going to switch back to Dish from Directv when my contract is up with Directv. I pay about $30 more a month with Directv, hate the channel guide, my remote doesn't respond about half the time and miss the Sirius XM channels. The one thing that would keep me...
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    Dish Comcast RSN Dispute

    Unless you want t o watch your local hockey team.
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    Dish dropping all RSN's (No they are not)

    Ok. Makes sense. But i know i would pay more as long as it wasn't prohibitive. Directv already chargez extra for local RSNs.