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    Looking for reception advice

    Just thought I would try to get some advice about my situation. I live in Stewartville, MN. I currently have a small rooftop antenna from Radio Shack without a preamp. I also have a rotor. The other day I pointed my antenna north and did a rescan of my stations. To my surprise, I pulled in...
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    Buying equipment

    I have calmed down from a previous rant about poor Dish installer experience. I am comfortable with setting up my own equipment. I would be a new dish customer. I want to buy the receiver and dish to get Dish HD. Is this still possible, and if it is, I am looking at the vip211 (don't need...
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    Poor experience with Dish install

    I am an easy going guy, but for some reason, this really upset me. Customer service is going the way of the dodo bird. Like was said in another reply, they should have called before the day of the install. I realize things happen, but please give me enough respect to keep me informed of...
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    Poor experience with Dish install

    I am a long time Directv subscriber and wanted to go to HD. Since Dish offered me the best deal, I decided to take the plunge and order HD from them. Anyhow, I made my install appointment 3 weeks ago. I contacted Directv to have them shut off my service to coincide with my billing. That was...
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    Is America One encrypted?

    Hi, I am interested in C band free to air mainly to get America One as they show Canadian Football games. The list on Satellite Guys shows America One being on C band 121 W Galaxy 23c and in the clear. On Lyngsat, it shows it on the same satellite, but as being encrypted with Powervu...
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    Horror Story with local installer

    I know not all installers are like this. I just didn't have a good experience that day. For every bad installer, there are probably 100 good ones. Just like in every walk of life. Steve
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    Horror Story with local installer

    What I meant by 4 hours late was this: The installer said he had a light day and told me he would be there by 3 PM. He showed up at 7 PM. This was an annoyance, but I understand things happen. I was more upset with the fact he tried to duck out of the job by just having ME install the...
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    Horror Story with local installer

    When I upgraded my system, the installer showed up 4 hours late and then asked me if I had ever installed a system before. I told him that I had installed about 5 systems before, he then asked me if I would install the system myself if he gave me the cable. Even though I knew how to install...