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    Any way to save the timers?

    i think the remote you will be getting is the new 54.0 voice remote to allow you to do things like tune to channel 140 and some other commands it has with that.
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    New OTA adapter

    also we are seeing some of our antenna channels on here too and of course we have to use the local channel connector on ours too and that's why directv was reminding us that they're also sending us one too just to let you guys know.
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    ViP receiver screensaver nothing but Hopper advertisements now

    I think the VIP screen saver is going to have advertisements telling people who will need to call the 866-974-5202 phone number and plus the VIP receivers are going to be phased out and will have to be forced to upgrade to the hopper 3 because I was at restaurant there in Nevada that has dish...
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    CNBC World

    umm probably look on some of the other cable companies systems and see if they do carry it or carry the station as a part of their cable tiers/channel packages usually they do provide it.
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    Hopper 3 bad PQ

    umm let me guess your tv settings might have to be calibrated because this happens with sports channels such as ESPN and other sports stations that do have the 720p resolution so give that a shot to see because the PQ on a hopper 3 should be much better than that and speaking that they have...
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    722k locking up everyday after looking for system update

    you could can transfer those recordings to an external hard drive and if you want you can get with Dish DIRT Team or make a call to Dish Network to see what receivers they have and most likely they will want you to move to an whole home receiver such as the hopper duo, hopper with sling, wally...
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    Playmaker setup with existing Wally problem

    try calling dish outdoors and see what they can do.
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    Upgrade. ATTN: dirt

    I would think that they would want to have them receivers throwed in the trash or the recycler.
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    No coax for internet

    I don't think that will work to connect an coax cable to an spectrum cable modem because that coax cable goes to the client port on the hybrid solo hub.
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    What equipment do you need for 4K ?

    yep an new dish is required along the New RB LNB and an HR54 Receiver and C61k Client along with 4k being displayed on the Client on the secondary High definition Television to Utilize the 4K programming and you have to call at&t to turn the 4k programming on.
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    DISH Network Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

    That dish you see in the picture is an FTA looking dish like it's an wave frontier dish satellite for Free-To-Air.
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    Dish VIP722. No HD channels. Fewer satellites than previous

    I would think those VIP HD receivers are so obsolete and furthermore the OP might need to have his receivers upgraded to either the Hopper 3 or the Wally because them VIP receivers have already been retired and have been out of service for awhile so give both Dish and DIRT a call and see what...
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    Satellite 129 and Wally Receiver - HELP!

    Unfortunely that DP34 switch won't work on a Wally type HD receiver you probably may need to look into a western arc DPH LNB and with a switch that calls for a different type called a DPH42 Switch and a solo hub (not node).
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    Netflix Hopper 3 Question

    Well that's because to do the 4K Movies on the Netflix app furthermore Netflix only recommends up to 25 Megabits per second to watch 4K Movies on Netflix got it.
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    Dish dispute with KFJX Joplin

    yes I know that too also that dish is in a dispute with our Fox Affiliate because they didn't renew their contact so dish refused and had to take the channel off that is how I have heard.