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    next 811 firmware - soon?

    I have had the same guide issues with my 811. Having been with Dish since 1997, I can say the last year and a half with the 811 has been very problematic. The 811 is a piece of junk. I actually contacted and eventually spoke with a representative (Natalie) who asked me if I...
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    811 and Wavy Lines

    AHHH, do you mean the "jaggies"? I saw those during the NCAA games on CBS HD. Funny thing is my buddy (using a HD Cable service) had the same issue as me... jaggies on the white border around the court. We both have Toshiba sets, his is an older TW40H80 and mine is a new 46H83. As for the...
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    Locals from Syracuse, ny

    I have the 811 and an antenna mounted in my attic... I use the 811 to grab the major Syracuse affiliates from OTA digitally (WIXT, WTVH, WSTM and WCNY broadcast in HDTV as well) and see no reason to pay Dish anything more to provide them to me. Just my .02 PS: For us Syracusians, Time...
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    811 waiting list

    Ditto for me too... use and tell them nicely you don't have to wait for an HD receiver from cable... oh, and make sure cable isn't actually a better deal (I am thinking of selling my 811 and going to cable as I type this).
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    811 and Wavy Lines

    My 811 generates faint vertical lines across the entire width of my Toshiba 46H83 from both DVI and component cables... but no "wavies", just faint "jail bars". :mad: I don't know if our issues are related :confused: .
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    Faint vertical lines from 811

    Whenever I use the 811, I can see faint vertical bars (approx 3/4" wide) across my screen. They look like some kind of interference, yet it happens with either the component or DVI cables :confused: . It is really annoying and only the 811 does this to my Toshiba HD widescreen. Has anyone...
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    New 811 OTA Problem...Have you seen this?

    I had that happen just yesterday, but it was while watching Discovery HD. The picture "jumped" and then I the picture would do as you described. Changing channels didn't fix it, but turning the receiver off and back on did correct it. This thing is friggin' buggy!
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    Additional Channels offered until VIACOM dispute is resolved

    I wish Charlie would cough up Speed Channel instead of the stuff listed up top, but hey, that's just me. Hopefully Viacom and Dish can work out a reasonable settlement soon.
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    email the ceo and you'll get a 811

    I shot off two e-mails within days of each other: One via the dishnetwork website and another two days later to the ceo... 1st ceo e-mail results in a scheduled 811 instal (tomorrow) 2nd e-mail says "sorry, you will have to wait" (after I already am schedulled). Today my phone rings and...
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    Fed up with DishNetworks delays

    I just wanted to quicky give credit to the guy who hooked us up with the correct channel to get Echostar to get us 811's in a respectible timeframe... Thanks Juan! :yes
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    Fed up with DishNetworks delays

    Hey Scott: Glad it's working out for you, too! I wish I could take credit for the idea but I can't Another guy gave the tip to do it. I am still disappointed that Dish is doing business like this (the loudest yellers get served first).
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    Fed up with DishNetworks delays

    Well, I got fed up with waiting for the 811 and used the email address and expressed my displeasure. I explained how other pay tv services (cable) could have me watching HDTV before the weekend. That was Monday... Tuesday the phone rang and I was schedulled for this Saturday...
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    Waiting for 811 end of February Fix...

    Hi everyone! After waiting 5 weeks for an 811 receiver I stumbled on to this site to discover I am far from alone. I just dropped Charlie (or whomever answers his e-mail) a note to express my displeasure of waiting. Anyway, it sounds like the 811 may have been designed by Microsoft with...