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    How's the FTA Equipment Supply Chain Doing?

    Not sure a 'like' would be appropriate for your post. Sounds pretty bad.
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    How's the FTA Equipment Supply Chain Doing?

    Can we get some reports from our resident retailers?
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    Repurposing My Orby Boat Anchor Dish

    I forgot about those bolts! Yes, that should do it. Thanks!
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    Repurposing My Orby Boat Anchor Dish

    I believe that it's an Admiral (made in Chicago).
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    Repurposing My Orby Boat Anchor Dish

    I realize I can us the Orby LNB. My question is, if I move the dish from its current position on Eutelsat 116.8 W over to 87 W will the skew automatically be correct when I'm on 87W. Seems the design of the ORBY mount and dish should give the correct skew on any satellite. Am I correct on this...
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    DIY GDSW81 GEOSATpro switch cover, outside switch protection

    I've used one of those tupperware style containers. Cheap and easy to cut. Keep all the cables facing down.
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    Emergency Temporary C band Dish

    Looks like the temporary dish could ship via Fedex in a bunch of boxes.
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    Are Canadians nuts?

    I was watching the football games on Anik F1R today. There's some Canadian food delivery service commercial that ran about 20 times per game. I didn't catch exactly what the commercial was about because I'm really fast with the "mute" button. I'd normally record and watch later, but I've had...
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    Just canceled Orby

    Personal issue.
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    Just canceled Orby

    I have absolutely no animosity towards the Orby organization. The Orby tech support was the best I've ever experienced. Ever The Orby equipment works fine. It's just that there a couple channels I refuse to support in any way. I don't want liberal or conservative politics in my entertainment...
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    Is anyone else using a Cloner Box Pro with their Orby receiver?

    I've been using the Cloner Box Pro for about 4 months now. At first, I had problems with the DVR corrupting SD cards to the point they could not be reformatted. Since I started using (cheap) TeamGroup 32 GB SD's I haven't had any problems at all. The Cloner Box seems to be similar in features...
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    So do we know what the Ethernet and USB ports are for on the OrbyTv DVR Receiver

    Please keep this information confidential !!! Connect the Orby Ethernet port to your router. On the Orby remote, hold down the "OPTION" button while entering the numbers 1 7 5 5. In about 10 seconds your Orby should connect to the The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM)...
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    Brand new Horizon 180 for sale

    Segerdog, I think someone else is interested in your mover. Maybe he's just commenting (seems to be a guy). Translated: "This piece for sale is valuable and very rare." I think he's saying it's called an "H to H" in Arabic too. Possibly, he wants to buy a part off your mover? I can't reply to...
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    DTV World LNB for Orby

    Don't know. But, new high performance LNB's are dirt cheap.
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    Orby terminated my service after I upgraded -- without cause!

    I guessing Orby monitors this forum.