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    Dish Remote Control App

    That's just it, I'd love to reverse engineer it, but I cant' even enable the remote access on my account, because I don't have a 722. I feel confident I'd be able to sniff out how its done if I could trigger the button presses from my phone (I'm figuring the protocol would be the same between...
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    Dish Remote Control App

    I've been with dish for many years, and do like it. I use it primarily with SageTV though, and never interact with the boxes directly. I do have an interesting question though. Dish seems to have rolled out, as part of their Sling add-on to the 722 boxes, a remote control app for iOS and...
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    STB control over Ethernet.. possible?

    So, apparently the new ethernet/http interface of the DirecTV boxes offers a lot of interesting options (especially for HTPC/PC DVR users). Most importantly, it opens up a way to control the STB via ethernet, as opposed to serial. Dish, on the other hand, doesn't even have the serial option...
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    Digital ATSC RF Modulator

    The $500 for the ZvBox 100 seems a bit steep perhaps, but it's a small market so far. Considering the cost of an HD-PVR (example of real-time MPEG2 encoder) plus the cost of a QAM/ATSC modulator, the zvBox isn't THAT out of line. Compare that to the cost of their 'commercial' version, the...
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    R5000-HD vs Dish or DirectTV DVR

    ^^^ What he said ^^^ SageTV takes all the advantages of the R5000, and a DVR, puts them together with a media server, whole house integration, and completely customizable EVERYTHING.
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    VIDEO - Dish Network 211K Receiver

    I heard tell that the 211k will not work with the R-5000HD. This makes me wonder what the REAL reasons for a new IRD were? Seems sad, as the R-5000HD capability was basically the only reason I went with Dish network over DirecTV.
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    Can someone recommend a PCI HDTV tuner for Dish?

    Those component capture cards also do no encoding either. So you are looking at many many gigabytes of info per hour. Basically, no real practical use. As mentioned earlier, best option for satellite -> PC is the R5000-HD.
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    Galaxy-11 NFL Network

    Let me start by saying that I have never messed with FTA satellite before. I was looking at LyngSat to find out what was available out there, and if it is worth it, and I noticed that NFL Network is available on Galaxy-11. It is listed with encrypted coloring, but the encryption method block...
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    NFL Network

    I just wish I could convince Charter to carry the channel in my area (Riverside, CA). I am really regretting my decision to cancel Dish Network. Of course, I really SHOULD get DirectTV so I can watch EVERY game... sooo expensive though...
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    Been a long thread, is this deal still in effect? My brother has a basic SD box, and just got a nice big 73" screen, so HD is now mandatory (SD really looks bad stretched that large). I've seen the HR10-250 listed for as low as $450, but if he can upgrade for 299-100 rebate, that would...
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    Dish Plus Pro with 6000

    I did some research and it looks like i need to use a DPP reciever along with the legacy 6000, so looks like I'd have to keep my 942, just for power... seems silly... maybe i'll just put up with the 942 until my contract ends...
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    Dish Plus Pro with 6000

    The interface of the 942 DVR is just very awkward. I am used to using SageTV as my DVR, and made the mistake of thinking that the 942 would be similar, but handle HD. It's not that I can't figure it out, I would just prefer not to have to. SageTV is much more capable and straight forward...
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    Dish Plus Pro with 6000

    I recently got Dish Network service installed at my house (Used to have Voom back in the good ol' days). I thought I was doing the right thing when i decided to get the 942. I have been so unimpressed with the DVR features of this box, I am looking to downgrade to a 6000 and use 169time to...
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    Dish 942 with external hard Disk

    not entirely true, there are different RAID modes, RAID 1 mirrors data, RAID 0 stripes data across multiple physical drives, resulting in one larger virtual drive (which is also twice as fast). I was referring to using a RAID 0 array, but alas, i went searching, and all i can find for inline...
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    Dish 942 with external hard Disk

    is it possible to replace the harddrive in the 942 with something larger? I think I've seen transparent RAID adapters out there that connect to an IDE interface... this would provide expandability, would it not?