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    i got it and pretty happy. i think the OS should have been specially written for the phone instead of patched together
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    Removing a roof mounted dish

    they don't care about the dish but they do care about the receivers and LNB's. LNB are those things that have white caps on them and facing the dish.
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    Hooking reciever to internet

    there are outlets you can buy at Lowes/HD that have coax and Ethernet plugs...
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    Echostar 922 for Cable / Telco Providers

    AT&T.....Windstream....hmmmmmm those are 2 i can think of
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    What Would You Like To See?

    I wanna know more about LTE (4G) and what Verizon's plan is for it. Also, what are they going to do with all the new Alltel asset's?
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    A little unhappy with installer

    i wouldn't too much about it.......
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    Fair price for 622s

    i would buy them off you!
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    **Trading in old receivers**

    you can still use them!
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    Thanks Dish for no GolTv

    it sure would, I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw GolTV back on Dish unless they start carrying the Bundaliga (German premier league) and Erdiviese (Dutch premier league) full time which they haven't as of yet.......sad because I like watching some German and Dutch soccer every now and again
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    Thanks Dish for no GolTv

    the reason that it doesn't is this, it is not pushed as heavily as the NFL.....i bet if ESPN picks up La Liga and EPL it will be seen ALOT more
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    at the risk of getting bashed forever.... I Love Dish....

    time to sell in a major way....if i were him, i would have ditched a long time ago right before the recession
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    A bad omen?

    when i worked for dish, i always called every customer on my route and let them know when i would be there (approximately)
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    Dish Smart Card Swap

    you have to put in the new smart card if you get one in the mail
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    Suprise. Dish is giving me Eastern Arc in Atlanta

    thats great news for those of us in the NE GA area! tell us what you think of it when it gets installed
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    Dish network vs direct tv

    you have to have an E dish to use the Dish receiver