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    Satellte Guys website sluggish

    Today is actually the fastest I've had satguys run for me. Normally I hang at for a few seconds
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    Digital Signal

    Thanks for the reply Optimus.. My cable co isn't very helpful, basically their opinion is that we're stuck with them and have to put up with their BS. I've had them out here a couple of times, all I want them to do it drop a new line to my apartment.. I get every excuse in the book. There...
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    RTN's programming from DVD

    That's interesting.. I would guess every non-live broadcast has to use some medium to broadcast from. I always assumed it was regular old VCR tapes. I'm surprised they don't use pretty grade electronics though
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    XM Quality

    I don't have an experience with XM. But I've use an FM transmitter for my CD changer which is mounted in my trunk. I haven't had any problems with it at all.. I also live in a rural area where the frequency isn't occupied. I think it's 93.1 or something like that. I would imagine if your in...
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    Digital Signal

    Digital Signal-Color Problems Hey Guys, I've had the digital set-top boxes for a few weeks now. I have to say the image is crystal clear on most channels. Except for the lower channels 2-6 always have interference. I suspect it's the line coming into our apartment which looks old and it is...
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    Infonetics Sees VOIP Explosion

    Good to see VoIP moving up, with more and more users I'm sure the technology will improve over time. One thing I've noticed is the cable companies prices for VoIP are higher than the independent providers. For instance, I have vonage for $25/mo and TWC wants $40/mo. Why are the cable...
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    Is Time Warner going to offer the Multi-Room DVR?

    Thank you, I'm just wondering how this is going to work and if it's going to be as clunky on the first run as the 8000 was as TW's first DVR
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    Thinking about leaving Dish for Cable.

    I had the 8300SD DVR from TW... It was a piece of junk I had it less than a day it kept on rebooting. TWC offered to swap it for another, I said I'll save some $ and just get the regular box. I have 3 3250's in my house and they work like a charm. Altho I think one is on the fritz (making weird...
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    Not receiving instant notifications recently

    Gmail doesn't filer my notifactions as spam. Are you using filters on Gmail?
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    Hack Talk

    Thanks for the replies guys, I understand how FTA works better. :)
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    No Phone

    That should make it network compatable.. Most people who have sats are pretty tech savvy I would say, probably have a net connection. Just pop an ethernet cable in the back and it could log on it it's own server.
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    Hack Talk

    I know were talking about non-hacking threads here. I don't even have sateliite was getting dish but that never worked out. I have to say on behalf of the "bird stupid" I came to these boards because I was going to have dish and I wanted to read more about how it worked, opinions etc. Now that...
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    811 is a POS...

    Kind of off topic... My question is why do Cable and Satellite companys supply you with buggy equipment that doesn't work as advertised? Just decided to get Digital cable through TW and the DVR that was supplied kept rebooting. I wound up switching it for a regular box. My thing is: These...
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    Pros and cons of sat install job

    I guess if you figured a typical install of 2 TV's takes roughly 2 hours. You're making $25-$30 an hour that is pretty decent pay for just starting out in any field.
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    Is Time Warner going to offer the Multi-Room DVR?

    I was just poking around Scientific Atlanta's Website. I found the multi-room 8300 DVR You can see it here: It seem to be similar to the Dish's dual tuner setups only with support for more televisions. I wouldn't mind...