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    Expressvu PVR issue

    It's been ages since I've tried it, but I believe that one time that I had a PVR hard drive fail, I was able to open up the receiver and simply unplug the cables from the hard drive, and it then functioned like a regular receiver. That's going back many years..
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    webSAMS messed up again so I say goodbye to H2H

    Whew... Boy, things sure can get heated in here at times. A few years back, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bob Cooper (Coop) - the father of TVRO. We discussed the late 80's and early 90's timeframe of the satellite industry. Something that Coop said still is true to...
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    Can cable access channels rebroadcast FTA ones?

    I think that you WOULD run into trouble rebroadcasting signals received from satellite, unless you have express written permission to rebroadcast them. Satellites are used to get a signal from point A to point B, and are private communications. It is up to the broadcaster as to whether they...
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    Is Bell HD really only 720p?

    Thank you for the answer.. That explains why their HD looks like crap. I guess I'll have to look at seeing what I can do to boost my over-the-air reception of digital channels. I also have a Manhattan HDTV Free-To-Air receiver that I can use to watch some of the network feeds..
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    Is Bell HD really only 720p?

    2 weeks ago I attended a fall fair. Lots of vendors were at the fair selling their wares, and one of the vendors was selling Bell HD TV... I looked at the demo that they had (an HD DVR, playing a pre-recorded show). The "HD" video was less than impressive.. I have an over-the-air...
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    Random Act Of Kindness - FREE Visionsat PVR Receiver

    My offer included shipping... My theory is that if someone doesn't have the money to buy a receiver, they may not have the money for shipping. My intentions were to give the receiver to a home where the person could not normally afford a receiver. A fellow SatelliteGuy is going to be...
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    Random Act Of Kindness - FREE Visionsat PVR Receiver

    I hooked it up for the first time tonight in likely a year and scanned a few birds.. You're right, it is a great receiver! I have a Manhattan MPEG2/MPEG4 receiver now, so I know that this Visionsat would sit on the shelf for many more years if I didn't give it away or sell it. Knowing...
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    Random Act Of Kindness - FREE Visionsat PVR Receiver

    Receiver is spoken for and is going to a good home. I took the very first reply that had a good home for the receiver - I wasn't going to make it into any sort of competition. One of the SatelliteGuys here is going to set up an FTA system for someone who is not able to afford a receiver...
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    Random Act Of Kindness - FREE Visionsat PVR Receiver

    It's been a while since I've seen a Random Act Of Kindness posted here, so I'm going to do one. I have a Visionsat PVR receiver that I am going to give away. Here are the specifics.. I realize that many people these days are suffering from bad economic times. I would like to give away...
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    Contest: Enter To Win by Telling a Story! S2 Digital Satellite Meter w/Spectrum Analyzer from Satell

    Congrats to chadg2 on the win. Thanks SatelliteAV for giving out the free stuff! I realize that the contest is closed, but I figured that I'd post a story anyways. Back in the early 80's while going to public school, a bunch of my friends and myself use to bug the janitor about his smoking...
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    Answer here ->
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    Sirius XM to raise price for basic package

    Not after a bunch of people cancel service, their revenues won't be growing by 10%. If I were to look into my crystal ball, I think that revenue will only grow by 5% due to the subscriber churn. Lately I've been toying with the idea of cancelling.. Sure.. $2/month won't break me, but...
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    help for a complete novice

    Macclatom - Where abouts are you located? If there is a "SatelliteGuy" who lives close by, they might be willing to drop by for a coffee and to check out your setup to see what will work for you ;)
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    GDMX channels on 99W now 4:2:0 DVB

    I just noticed the same thing about an hour ago.. I did a blind scan using the Manhattan and was surprised to see the GDMX channels coming in!
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    AMC3 rtv? what i'm missing?

    Have you tried manually to enter in the frequency and symbol rate info? I've seen situations where the receiver will scan and will be off by a Mhz or two. Manually punch in the frequency and symbol rate to see if that helps. (Don't use blind scan) How big of a dish do you have fire1000?