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    Regional sports channels

    Youtube TV is now dropping the Fox Regional sports channels. Looks like the options are dwindling.
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    Update U725

    I have a Hopper w/Sling and just installed the latest update, U725. Anyone know what was In this update? DISH Support
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    fox sports dispute

    Just checked the guide and it was showing the actual FSN schedule. When I clicked on it it was still showing the Dish Network recorded message.
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    Eastern or Western Arc? What?

    I’m just down the road in Grayson. I am on Eastern Arc (61.5 / 72) with a Hopper. Works fine for me.
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    fox sports dispute

    They haven’t “officially” clinched yet. Their magic number is 3!
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    fox sports dispute

    Will this ever end? The Braves are in a pennant race. I want my Braves back!!
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    Braves games being blacked out again

    What alternate channels? I was able to watch last night using the Fox Sports Go app on the iPad. Which is interesting because it authenticates using my Dish Network login.
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    Braves games being blacked out again

    That was my thought as well. I had online chats with both Fox and Dish last night. Dish blamed Fox saying it was being blacked out by the broadcaster. Fox said they shouldn't be blacked out and they would check on it. As of now the games for tonight and tomorrow are still blacked out and I still...
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    Braves games being blacked out again

    I thought Dish and Fox settled their dispute but apparently all 3 games on Fox Sports South are being blacked out this weekend here in Atlanta. Anyone know what is going on?
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    Atlanta's WPCH blocked

    I hope this one gets resolved soon. I live in the Atlanta area and WPCH carries a lot of the Braves games and is the local SEC network affiliate. Hopefully they will get this worked out before baseball season.
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    I want to win an iPad2 from DishPointer. It would help me be more productive with all its featrures such as e-mail, kindle, etc.
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    SatelliteGuys 4.0 (upgrade) Problem Thread

    I am having a similar issue. It doesn't make me login when I change pages but it appears to log me out if I am inactive for a period of time. I tend to keep Satteliteguys up in one of my tabs. I have had several times today that I came back to the tab after a while and was logged out. Is there...
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    We are back!

    Looks good so far!! Thanks for all your hard work!
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    Clark Howard fires DishNetwork.....

    Ckark Howard is a consumer advocate with a syndicated radio talk show that can be heard across the country. He is based out of WSB in Atlanta. He also does consumer spots on CNN.
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    Clark Howard fires DishNetwork.....

    Just saw this on consumer advocate Clark Howard's web site. Apparently he got called by the auditors. Here is a link to his story of the encounter. It may not have been the best idea to get on his bad side. He has a lot of listeners. Clark explains why he fired Dish Network on