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    Sunday Ticket HD Games

    I too was sure I had heard something about the new contract stipulating that all games be available in HD. After some research I guess I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. From the "The agreements include a commitment by CBS and FOX to phase...
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    Convoluted D*/HD/Moving Question(s)

    Okay this is fairly convoluted but I will be as brief as possible. I got answers to some of these questions from CSRs but (for some odd reason) am not completely sold on their veracity. I am I guess what you would call semi-clueless on most of this stuff. Current Situation I am in Denver...
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    H10-250 question

    Yes, so I can still watch recorded shows or even change channels if I am patient enough to page through the guide (which I usually am not). But once you have gotten used to the DVR world it is MADDENING to watch recorded programs without fast-forward (no FF button on the front of the box).
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    H10-250 question

    I apologize if this is posted in an inappropriate place. A couple weeks ago my H10-250 quit responding to the remote. It still responds to the buttons on the front of the box. I did all the permutations of resetting the box, no good. Changed the batteries, still no good. The red light on...
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    HD NFL Games

    Your friend's experience sounds very similar to mine, about 6 weeks ago I ordered a bunch of HD upgrade equipment from DirecTV, the bill being over $800 (before rebates), but when the guy showed up to install it (several hours late) he barely spoke English and didn't have the equipment, then he...
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    Dumb newbie question #26

    So I wonder if Altitude HD is available on Comcast...$ aside I would hate to have to run even more cables into my house but I can't get rid of DirecTV (Sunday Ticket comes right after air, food, and water for me) and it would be cool to get all those Avs and Nuggets games in HD.
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    Dumb newbie question #26

    I guess by "dumb" I meant "readily apparent to anyone who has been around the HD block a couple times". I just went HD about a month ago and have found this forum to be extremely helpful just from reading others' threads. It seems the more I know the more there is to know, and the longer it...
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    Dumb newbie question #26

    OLN is advertising that they will be carrying much of their NHL coverage in HD. Similarly, one of my local sports stations (Altitude - Denver) will purportedly have HD coverage for about half of the Avalanche and Nuggets games they are televising. Am I right in assuming that this doesn't mean...
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    Bad plasma picture

    Apologies if this repeats a previous post. I recently upgraded to a HR10-250 HDDVR receiver and got a new Panasonic plasma HDTV. The HD channels come in spectacular, but all other channels are awful. There is a large amount of pixelation around the edges and any detailed or moving objects or...