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    OK, I just recently noticed that when I first had Directv installed, they left the original RG59 in, and didnt replace it with RG6. I'm going to schedule a service order to replace the cable. My question is, is there a big difference between the 2? thanks!
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    purchase list

    I have a Hughes HD reciever. Is there anyway i can clear the Purchase list history?
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    Purchase list

    I have a Hughes HD reciever. Is there anyway i can delete the Purchase list history? :D
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    Cbs Hd

    When are they going to add CBS-HD?
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    off air antenna

    How exactly does this work? It just clips on the dish? thats it?
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    HD channels for DirecTV

    This is the reply i got from DirecTV Dear Dave, Thanks for asking about High Definition Television (HDTV). I can reassure you that our current HDTV services are just the beginning - we aren't stopping here! We have a track record of continuing to expand the selection of channels we...
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    HD channels for DirecTV

    hello- newbie here... Just wanted to see if anyone knew if DirecTV is planning on adding more HD channels in 2004...? thx Dave