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    Snow of Dish

    I used rain-X yesterday right b4 the storm, I have three dish's... Used rain-x on two of the three. The dish that I did not use the rain-x on is covered with ice and wet snow. The other two don't have so much as a single snow flake. Rain-X is the way to go it seems.
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    Satellite TV on your PC Spam.

    The say they offer satellite TV on your PC and actually try to provide some kind of a product, but all that is delivered is a streaming signal from a server, no doubt pirated and illegal, downloading to your PC through your broadband or cable connection. These sites force you to pay a...
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    Satellite TV on your PC Spam.

    Yea agreed, The direction Youtube was taking before google decided to take it over was a positive one. Now, There is just a bunch of garbage and advertising to weed through. This guy that loaded 42 of the same spam videos should of been banned a long time ago but his videos have remained up for...
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    Thank You Satellite AV!

    Two - 90cm dishes and lnbs plus free shipping. And to sweeten the deal, Add a HH motor at no extra charge if you act now!......
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    Thank You Satellite AV!

    79% discount and free shipping!.....Thanks Santa!..
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    Satellite TV on your PC Spam.

    Spam is getting out of control. Just went to youtube to kill some time and searched the phrase "Satellite TV" just to see what came up. I swear, There was literally 20 pages from the same guy advertising free satellite tv. Geez, I hate these spammers.
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    Vietnamese channels ITC I found Three.

    Thanks but...We're no where close to California.
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    Vietnamese channels ITC I found Three.

    I am searching for a neighbor who is asking for Vietnamese channels ITC.... I searched the list and lyngsat and found only three. Siagon TV 1129V VTV4 11966H VBS 12022V Are there any other Viet channels on KU from 27.5°W to about 148.0°W that anyone is aware of that are ITC?
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    I lost my inclinometer today.

    I had a nice Suunto Inclinometer that I had for many years. It is now missing. I looked all over the place for it. Back tracked to the last 3 houses I remember using it at. Cleaned out my truck looking for it and it just no where to be found. If anybody finds it would you please PM me? Went to...
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    Best Signal Strength Meter for RVing

    Like he said, He will only use it a few times per year. There is no reason for him to spend any money to find the satellites that he is looking for. Since he is in a RV, I would just turn on the signal set up screen and turn the volumn way up, Look at the other RV's and see where they are...
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    Sat Talk Live Tonight at 9 PM EDT

    Cool, Can't wait. I'll listen on Galaxy 19 Ku-Band. After I scan that transponder listed in the link, What will the channel name be? EDIT:...Never mind, It shows as Access
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    Are you approachable as a SatelliteGuy?

    Every time I go out to work on my three fta dish's the neighbors dog comes over and wants me to play with him. And when the dog starts to bark, Thats when the neighbor has her chance to come over and start talking to me for hours. Sometimes I can't get anything done. She just starts talking...
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    Transatlantic reception Record?

    Thanks for posting that video... I could hang out all day with that man....
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    Magic Jack is your friend!

    Why not just have a cell phone?
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    What should I do?

    WARNING: Once you start FTA'ing it becomes a habit and you can't turn back.