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    I think I need to change back from HS17 to HR54...Suggestions??

    Larry ii had a tech from Mastec come out good to see them as I was AT&T does know how to fix I have a HS17 and 2 CK61 clients. He told me thier experienceing a lot of issues with 4K I was given the option of going back to C61 wiired clients and keeping the HS17 I no longer have a one channel 4K...
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    Sunday Ticket 2018

    I remember that I watched the Sunday Ticket on the CBand on the TVN PPV channels and the cost was 100.00 a season
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    The GENIE 2

    I am impressed with the Genie2 since the new firmware was installed early Tuesday morning and resetting all of devices everything has been working great no problems here!!!
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    New update with HDR causing picture issues

    Received the update a couple of days ago what I did worked for me I Red Button Reset the HS17 let it go through the process and after it was complete I RBR The C61K clients problem solved no futher issues good luck
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    A Thank You to Directv :)

    totally agree I have had DTV service over 15 years way over priced cut my service from 265 monthly to 113 now
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    Problem solved unplugged everything for a few minutes after restart all working normally thanks for the help
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    It is now between 311 and 312 when I try to click on it nothing happens I am glad where it is at now do not watch anything in that area
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    if I move up through the guide the show title does not change and if you select a program it does show that and blanks out
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    it is the Fullscreen banner between 270 and 271
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    yes both the hr54 ad the C61k no change
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    I have a different kind of issue I am watching through a C61K and between channel 270 and 271 there is a banner adver FULLSCREEN and when you try to move up the guide it does not follow on the heading and try to select on the remote no effect and will go blank...
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    DIRECTV Down?

    As I talked to a Protection Plan assoc the On Demand was down yesterday and no idea when it would be up again everything else ok
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    AT&T U-Verse is Soon to be No More!

    Chip the apartment does not allow dishes on the roof only thing that is allowed is to put the dish on a 5ft pole and they are worried about damages from the dish.
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    AT&T U-Verse is Soon to be No More!

    Chip there are several DTV dishes around her complex hers would have to be installed on the roof since here apartment faces the opposite direction. It is a ripoff that they try to do that they say danger with the dish......