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    DoktorOfSat on Youtube

    New videos :D
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    C-band Linear/Circular Orthomode Feed Modification

    Yes this is my dielectric plate 1ADAM12:D It performs very well here an circular tp "C" band like the russian birds (Yamal, Express) A.Bird3, 64E If you have Cu foil please try to make the plate with it , and tell us the result BestRegards DoktorOfSat:)
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    Experience with the Prof 7300 PC card

    I need a list of mobo that works FINE with 730x Prof card.A list of mobo's that we should avoid it'll be great too What kind of CPU requires 730x card? BestReards DoktorOfSat
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    Atlantic Bird 3 at 5.0°W

    Hello Iceberg My signature showes that I receive satellites between 95East (NSS6/Ku ) and -37,5W (C/Ku) My QTH is 47°55?43?N 23°53?33?E that is my the north of Romania , 47°55?43?N 23°53?33?E - H BestRegards DoktorOfSat
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    Lucian Bute vs Edison Miranda

    What TV channel transmits the box match Lucian Bute vs Edison Miranda in Europe?Have you any ideea who got the transmittion right from HBO USA?Thanks in advance!:cool:
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    Atlantic Bird 3 at 5.0°W

    Hello Sanjap I'm a big fan of 5W especially in C Band .If you check flysal you'll see a lot of reports FlySat Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5° West made by me and also check my youtube to see videos of the channels;) YouTube - doktorofsat's Channel coverage:
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    Homemade dish for C Band

    Anole I think you know more about this thema!!! Can you post some real solutions 4 my demand? BestRegards DoktorOfSat
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    Homemade dish for C Band

    I want to make a homemade dish for C Band. I like very much the mesh dishes and I want to make one I need advice from who have made such a dish, all tehnical stuffs 2,4m is a optimal size ! Thanks in advance BestRegards DoktorOfSat
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    DoktorOfSat on Youtube

    ok babadem
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    about Metro Tv from Ghana

    manuelpaz my QTH: 47°55?43?N 23°53?33?E is not a secret :D and it's not ghana soccer they have from setanta I watch it sometimes , and of course they have good music, news and african movies all in english , nice channel:cool:
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    satellite equipment museum

    Here is one of my first analogue satellite receiver , A skymaster.Last mounth I try it on analogue channels from Astra 19E and works fine:D BestRegards DoktorOfSat
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    DX Bozoth -best european DX-er

    Bozoth also like to play guitar:D
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    DX Bozoth -best european DX-er

    The modified egis was fixed at another hungarian freaks QTH by Bozoth