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    HD feeds being added to Welcome Pack!

    Same here. I was now paying for the 120 package what I had paid years ago for the 250. With the latest bill increase I went to the Welcome Pack and I'm supplementing by looking at some streaming options (trying a trial of Directv Now this month).
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    722 HD died - DIRT?

    Interestingly the old DVR did start working again after I left it on for a day and then reset it. It allowed me to back up some things I didn't want to lose, but I will replace it anyway as, like you said, chances are the drive is going to fail for good.
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    722 HD died - DIRT?

    Thanks to MikeH - already have a replacement on the way. FYI, here is what was happening - the 722 started freezing last night while watching either recordings or live tv. Not the type of thing where it rebooted but a hard lockup. Reset several times (unplug method) and it degraded to the point...
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    722 HD died - DIRT?

    Would a DIRT member PM me when they get online today? The drive in my 722 died last night and I want to look into getting it replaced. Thanks! David
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    MLS Direct Kick?

    Is Dish no longer carrying Direct Kick? I find it listed on DirecTV and cable sites - but the Dish Facebook page told me that no provider has Direct Kick as it was discontinued? An online chat with Dish and the rep had never heard of the package.
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    DISH Network vs. SportsTime Ohio

    Well it isn't looking good for the Indian's opening day this Monday. STO has been getting an ear full on their Facebook page about this, but a number of Dish folks are also now posting that they have gone to Direct. The question for them is when does the STO/DTV contract come up for renewal and...
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    DISH Network vs. SportsTime Ohio

    Yeah, I hope things get moving soon. This has prompted me to take a hard look at DTV for the first time after many years with Dish. :eek:
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    DISH Network vs. SportsTime Ohio

    Indians opening day is fast approaching...already missing pre-season coverage. Anyone heard any news on the chance of STO and Dish resolving this?
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    Dish site is down this morning

    Changing DNS servers did work for me. Thanks!
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    Dish site is down this morning

    After retrying for a while I got to the main site - but when I attempt to log in I'm back to what I was getting last night - an untrusted connection message with a bad certificate error. I tried Firefox and IE.
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    Dish site is down this morning

    Yeah, I'm getting a server not found message when trying to access their site.
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    What a Gift!!

    Same here - my gift back was to drop to a lower package for the first time since 1997 (250 back to 120+).
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    L725 on 722

    I have been getting the 'lost HD switching to SD' message regularly the past week or so...wondering now if it coincided with getting 725 on my 722?
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    3/21/2012 3:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 66 changes

    5256 - WBGU (NA) [MPEG4 HD] removed from Ciel-2 129W TP 16 Spotbeam 23 (Mkt:Toledo, OH-Bowling Green, OH-PBS) Uplinked for a long time but never made available and now removed? I have been waiting for this one to get turned on...doesn't look good now.
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    OTA and Dish TV2 on one cable?

    I combine TV2 and my OTA and split the signal out to several remote TVs using the Eagle Aspen SHN24.