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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    2x 622's latest software audio/video sync issues on recordings
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    Scott's Rumor Confirmed: Seven New HD Nationals Coming to Dish in August/September

    I saw Discovery HD on the list, which one will it be, the old Discovery in hd or one of their other ones?
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    Any more details on 622 upgrade to own rebate?

    I'm unsure where you are getting your prices but what Mark posted was a fee of 798 total for each receiver with a 200 dollar rebate for each turned in receiver which equals 598 total cost for each 622 with installation. You seem to indicate that you will be paying 198 total for each 622, at...
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    DISH on DEMAND vs Pay Per View?

    Yeah it's a joke.
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    Any more details on 622 upgrade to own rebate?

    Last I checked you could buy a 622 for 649.00 from most retailers so Dish is valuing their equipment at MSRP and ours at about 50 bucks, screw them. :mad: Me thinks they made up a story about some good deal to own if you wait and wish to own, seems they are the only ones who got anything for...
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    2ND Receiver upgrade

    Yeah hosed is a good way of putting it, but I would also call them and ask for a refund on programing you wont be able to view for the alloted time, it's only fair.
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    How is the MPEG4 Locals HD quality

    Softer here in the Philly area as I made an effort to compare last evenings CSI Miami ,which by nature is way over colored, but lends itself well to comparison.
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    Dish 921 fresh sw l055

    Dumb question here but did you ever download the current software since you list it as SW55 which is the original sw release I believe.
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    TIVO vs. Dish trial in Marshall, TX

    I agree Joseph and also feel that if Tivo wins battle one it will just be the beginning of a very lengthy road of appeals. When it finally reaches higher educated people they will throw it out as should have been sooner.
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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    Audio and video drops here. Live and recorded. Everything else seems to be fine for me at the moment.
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    Dish 622 L356 Software Release Notes

    Yeah they monitor us beta testers and why not we are more than free, we pay to be beta testers. ;) I am now getting audio and video drops as I was prior to 356 but seems more now and on all channels, recorded or live.
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    OTA and the VIP622 Comments

    I cannot comment on the other various receivers but from what I have always read the 921 ota tuner was and remains terrible. My observations going from 921 to the 622 tuner are good but this could be the only reason why.
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    Is it safe to assume yet that HD-Lite is here to stay?

    Actually, it will not disappear, like many have stated with the HD video selections that will come soon and good OTA feeds, people will have a bench mark to keep ourselves educated.
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    If you leased a 622 in last 30 days

    I'm talking about leasing a second 622.
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    OTA and the VIP622 Comments

    It has been a huge improvement over my 921 for reception and I think a big part of the signal level the 921 was reporting was bogas. This unit picked up 12 more digital channels than the 921 did and even gets PBS at 58 to 62 which the 921 couldn't locate at all. I have a channel master 7700...