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    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    for me the movies what they have available to stream, isnt worth the headache of finding it, i guess im spoiled from streaming on netflix through the roku box, ive had this bb dish deal for almost 2 wks now and have only received 1 disk, with netflix i would have had 3 by now, so they...
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    DISH / Blockbuster Announcement Discussion Thread!

    i think when read about the blockbuster movie pass you got read close, you are left with the impression of getting bb videos streamed but it doesnt say that it says all the platinum channels will be streamed, it doesnt say bb videos but it is titled with bb name, but i have hopes maybe they will...
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    Netflix and the like to replace Sat/Cab?

    netflix streams good over the roku hd boxes, ive had it for almost 3 yrs since roku first came out and now you have all these new channels on the roku like you tube, archive, pandora is a great addition,so is sunimi. they have some time for RADIO STATIONs all over the us is nice...
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    FOX vs. Cable

    fnc for a while there i was wondering if we were gonna have to drop bh and get dish, we only have bh because of fnc. we dont need all of those other channel because we got wd media player and 4tb of hard drive connected to it, it has all of our tv shows, movies and hd movies. for cable we only...
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    new hd in tampa bay area

    talk to woman this morning about my bill and through the conversation, she told me on the 18th they are letting out a bunch of hd channels and another wave of channels later in the month and one of the channels will be epix hd. some of the hd channels coming ifc hd, cartoon net hd, dx hd, id...
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    "HD DVR Service"

    "HD DVR Service" is the service of having the ability to click something on your guide and it will record , and being able to record it every time, its a nice little convenience, the hard drive space, the ability to where you dont have to manually input all the info yourself the program does...
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    movie plex on tampa bay bh

    we had movie plex on ch62, and it has disappeared. i believe it was the only movie channel on the basic package, does anyone know when or why it was moved
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    epix hd

    has anyone heard if bright house will be picking up epix hd, it looks like it could be an awesome channel, i like the fact you can get it on cable or your pc, i seen verizon has picked them up, i heard it was a channel for cable, and it suppose to be in a basic hd pak.
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    New hd channel in Palm Bay, Fl

    i emailed bright house about the loss of hd net and this is their reply On May 31st at 12:01 a.m., HD Nets removed its channels from the Bright House Networks programming lineup. Throughout our recent negotiations to renew HD Net's contract with us, their demands in terms of cost have been...
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    Turbo Plus coming to Central Florida

    my sister in law had the turbo boost and didnt know it. far as i could tell from reading about it , it only does anygood if you download a lot , it only kicks in when you download
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    Clear QAM channels (Tampa)

    they have some interesting channels, 8,10,13. 8,10,28 have weather channels. i dont know if they still do but they did have cnn, its either 73 or 83 in that area they use to have different channels in there they would change around and for awhile they have had a pay per view there, but you would...
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    hd channels

    i just did one of those survey things for brighthouse and it was on hd channels and they were asking you what hd channels would like, and do you watch the vod and how much time do you spend watching certain channels. i noticed among those hd channels they mgmhd,hallmark movie...
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    hd channels

    i noticed most other providers have alot more hd channels than bh, will bh ever catch up. direct tv and dish net definitely has more i think its cox cable or some cable company that starts with a c has voom channels and mgm hd. and i see bright house is really slacking in this department, they...
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    Cable Broadband Users, Get Ready For Overage Fees

    this will not be good for companies like vongo, because there you have to download the movies, if they put caps on it i think they will definitely lose business.
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    bh was just here to change out my dvr because mine went bust, i asked him about the navigator , he didnt have a clue what i was talking about, i asked when it was coming out here in polk county, that i heard it was coming out in may so he called his supervisor and he has not heard of any new...