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    Whole-Home DVR Service

    that is my guess also that they are still showing the old 6x16 that i previously had. im kinda surprised with how these receivers now report everything back to the directv servers via the internet that they don't transmit and update the configuration either since they are all hooked to the swm16...
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    Whole-Home DVR Service

    Good Morning it has been a while since I have been on here and have a question about the Whole-Home DVR service. When I go to the equipment section on the Directv website under services it shows "Not Eligible" next to Whole-Home DVR and when i called directv the CSR was only interested in...
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    Enter to Win: Sadoun Bandstacked KU LNBF - End 10/31/09

    any of the star trek series because they are what the future of our civilization has to look forward to unless we destroy this planet before the time we get to that level of technology
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    Giveaway - Win a Brand New SG9120 Motor & WS9036 90cm Satellite Dish

    I want to win the new SG9120 Heavy Duty DiSEqC Motor & The WS9036 36 Inch Dish
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    Special Thursday Night CE 2/12 (Alert: 2nd Chance Friday)

    ce chat hey i was wondering if with this special ce release if were also going to have a special chat tonight or if were still going with just Fridays chat
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    New: Updated LIL TPN Map - Data of 11/1/08

    raoul ct lils are sd tp25 on sat 119 hd lil are on tp 15 and 24 of directv 10 hope this helps
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    D* changes this week.

    as its been explained to me they are to be standard on new installs only movers connects are typically going to be using the traditional 4 output lnb due to compatibility issues with the swm and all receivers prior to the d12-*** , R16-*** and h20-*** , hr20-*** however of course that can alway...