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    Big Brother

    Been watching the live feeds with Carol. Not real fond of Frenchie the farmer dude who is currently HOH, as he never ever shuts up.
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    SatelliteGuys First Look - Hopper 4! (April fools!)

    Had me for a second or two then remembered it's 1 April. Good one!
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    The Latest iOS News Thread

    Apple has fixed security flaws in iOS 14 that may have already been actively exploited -- update your devices ASAP.
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    Dish anywhere trouble

    While using DA on my iPad all I get is a dark screen.......
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    Replacing LNB due to LNB Drift

    Thank you very much for the info. I just checked my two Hopper 2’s which indicated LNB drift, but so far I have no receiver issues that I know of.
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    Big Brother
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    Big Brother

    Sour grapes Nicole There were 2 different Nicoles, the one on live TV and the other on the feeds......
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    News from Apple this week

    Wife and I received our 12 Pro phones this afternoon. We upgraded our two SE phones. Both came with an Apple decal, but I'm not putting that thing on MY high dollar phone. I feel really dumb paying that much for a phone anyway, but c'est la vie.
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    News from Apple this week

    After updating both SE'S to iOS13.4 which completely drained both batteries overnight they went from 99% battery health to 98%. After updating the phones to iOS14 today both phones showing 97%. Update took about 25 minutes. Warning iOS 13.4 Update Drains Battery
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    If the two merge maybe we will get a red recording light on a Hopper 4........
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    Hopper 3 Bluetooth Question

    Try looking up the operating guide for your ear buds. I would think there is some way to control the volume. Maybe the on/off button might control the volume by holding the button down.
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    Help?! Two Hopper 3's?

    With two Hopper 3's on one account can you actually record 32 programs at the same time?
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    U728 HWS Update

    Being impatient about the latest software updates has gotten me in trouble before, but I think I will try again in a few hours. LOL
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    U728 HWS Update

    I too hope there are a number of fixes with update U728 for the HWS. ;)
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    U728 HWS Update

    Software U727 is for the Hopper with Sling, (HWS). Thus U728 should be for the HWS, not the Hopper 3 receiver. Thanks for the help/advice, but I am reasonably familiar with how to manually check for an update with the HWS recievers. With that said however, I have never had a receiver go through...