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    1000.2 Install Question - Extra Dish for 129W Possible?

    You also don't need to cover the 129 eye on the 1000.2 dish. I would try lowering the elevation about 1 degree to see if your signal increases on the 129 location. If that doesn't work, then look at doing the wing dish.
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    4 HD 211 receivers

    I would switch out the lnb with 3 dp duals or singles. The switch in the 1000.2 and the external switch can interfere with each other and eventually one will fail. You will also need a "W" bracket for the duals/singles. I know the manuals say the lnb is compatible with an external switch, but...
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    Vizio ww26L Dish Remote

    So does 766.
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    TV Remote Code for Vizio SV370XVT

    Try code 766.
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    Vizio ww26L Dish Remote

    Try code 766.
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    Okay, what are these guys thinking.

    Let us know how they respond. More than likely it will be tough sh_t, you signed a 2 yr contract.
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    What has Dish done for you that made you happy?

    Not a GD thing!
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    need help hooking up a vip 722k receiver

    If you will subscribe to HD programming, you will need a new dish. If not, you can just hook it up yourself, depending on what equipment you have now. What dish do you have now, what satellites are you pointed at, what LNB is on the dish...If you let us know what you have, we can better answer...
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    Power in the sky?!?!

    Actually, Nickolai Tesla proved this could be done decades ago. He transmitted much more power than an LED needs. Just never got off the ground. Scientists/Physicists are looking into it again to see if it is feasible for the mass public.
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    Part of 1000.2 DPP LNB dead?

    1000.2 dishes are easy to bend. Look at it from the top or bottom and make sure it isn't bent. If it isn't, adjust the elevation down 1 or 2 degrees.
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    Combining OTA antenna and Dish Network 722k rcvr outputs.

    Best bet is run a separate line from OTA antenna to both rooms. On the back of the receiver, plug the OTA cable into the OTA module. In the TV2 location, use a splitter to feed both signals into to coax of the TV. Run channel scan on TV2. Go to Menu>Local Channels on receiver and run channel...
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    USB Antenna

    We were told in training earlier this week that we will have the USB wi-fi adapters "soon" in our market.
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    Dish does it again

    You'll get even lower signal strength on EA. I don't think it really affects performance, but it is lower strength.
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    Multi switch?

    The three "eyes" are for three satellite locations. One for 110, 119 and 129. The switch is built-in and all three signals are output thru all three ports on the LNB. There is also an input to add a wing dish for another satellite location.
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    Dish Pro Switch?

    Why do you need 129 and 61.5? They carry the same things.