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    Thread auto update feature

    I have set it for 1 hour, but that setting does not stick, it works for several logins then reverts to default time setting
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    AirPod Pro.

    Agree with everything you posted, but find the smaller size makes them a little more difficult to remove from case
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    iOS 12 beta

    I have a red line and battery charge is 82%
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    Need to look closer I have never seen an animated display when rings are closed, notification I have seen but that is all
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    Mine also, its still there today
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    Official SatelliteGuys CBS / DISH Dispute Thread

    Smithsonian Channel also gone
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    Air Pods: are they worth it?

    One issue I am having is that if I am listening to music from my iPhone and have a timer set, when the timer expires and you get the ding letting you know time is up, I hear the ding on the AirPods, but after the music does not continue, I have been having to remove the pods, put them back in...
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    I have a question that I have never seen mentioned, there is an additional charger applied to your wireless bill, usually $10.00 for most carriers, my question is how much GB do you get for the extra charge, or is the usage added to whatever your cell usage is and the $10.00 just a convenience fee
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    Amazon Prime coming to Apple TV?

    Not the first time this has been reported and nothing has happened yet, if memory serves me right it was around the time that the apple TV4 was going to be introduced
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    When looking at movie descriptions I don't want to know the movie is "unrelenting funny parody" or a "galvanizing feminist drama" I would really love to know that the movie is about, find myself going to IMDB to get an true movie description
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    That blackout symbol has been there for a while, not sure how long but I noticed it on sports listing several weeks ago
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    Not seeing any copyright notice on 722K or 612
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    Seems like a larger font will make it worse, larger letters=less space
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    Air Pods: are they worth it?

    From everything I read on the web, you can use only one and the sound will be directed to the one in use, my store does not have any yet, been wanting to give them try then decide if I want to pay the 159.99 price
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    iOS 10.2

    This is a feature I like was always aggravating when I swiped to the widget screen then scroll for my favorite widget, remembering what I want to view is a big part of the update for me