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    The Case of the Stubbornly Silent Channel

    Dear Mr. Brannen, I tried to use your suggestion, but evidently not as you would have done. I fouled up the channel I was trying to restore, whose number was 1. Sadly, without trying to do anything to No. 2, I also did something to it, and now it shows No. 1's silent picture. By sheer luck...
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    The Case of the Stubbornly Silent Channel

    Dear All, I am a Pansat 9200HD owner who wanted a better machine. I bought an AZ Box Premium HD Plus. Compared to the 9200HD, it is wonderful. It works very slowly, but it shows me channels that the Pansat could never have displayed. One of these channels is silent. Every attempt to give...
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    New Owner AZ Box Premium HD Plus

    Dear WAYLEW, Thanks so much for the extremely helpful advice. It worked like a charm. Gordon
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    New Owner AZ Box Premium HD Plus

    Dear ALL, Please disregard this message's prior content. The impasse I had reached was largely of my own doing. White man have egg on face. As I said in that earlier content, I have bought an AZ Box Premium HD Plus, but was encountering severe trouble. Last night, my lady suggested that I...
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    Review: Optibox Anaconda HD FTA Receiver

    Dear POPCORN N MORE, When you wrote your last message concerning the Optibox Anaconda, you were replying to Jim S.'s report that his Gekko sometimes skims through a transponder without finding anything. You said that the same was true of your own Anaconda. My guess is that, given its erratic...
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    Review: Optibox Anaconda HD FTA Receiver

    Dear SATELLITEAV, Thanks for the quick information. Nothing beats knowledge. Gordon
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    Review: Optibox Anaconda HD FTA Receiver

    Dear POPCORN N MORE, Thanks for replying so promptly. Have you heard whether Optibox will make a receiver that includes 4:2:2? Where could I learn what Optibox's customer service number is? I could call them and ask them directly. Thanks. Gordon
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    Review: Optibox Anaconda HD FTA Receiver

    Dear POPCORN N MORE, Have you heard whether Optibox plans to market a receiver that displays 4:2:2? I, too, was very favorably impressed by your Optibox's graphics. They beat those of my Pansat 9200HD. I hope that future programmatic revisions break "the 81% barrier." When those revisions...
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    results of blind scan on satmex6 and satmex5 c-band

    Dear Gents, For years now, I have been trying to see "Inter Russia" on SatMex 5 at 4123 H 1790 2 / 3. Lyngsat has been showing this channel, and some other services have been showing it too. Others have not been able to see it, evidently, because they do not show it. Maybe the broadcaster has...
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    What is the best system I can get, as cheaply as possible, that will get me all FTA in USA & Englan

    Dear MIKESKYSOLDIER, From what I have read, an eight-footer is the absolute bare minimum. I live in south-coastal Oregon. I use a ten-footer, and it sometimes cannot bring in some broadcasts. A sound and dependable twelve-footer would probably show me everything FTA. Sadly, new dishes'...
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    Jewish News One

    Dear DJdish, I have not yet tuned in to that channel, but I bet I know why they include that horn. They figure, "Shofar so good!" Gordon F. Corbett
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    Azbox ME - any news?

    A Conversation with Mr. Rick Caylor Dear All, Yesterday, I had a very pleasant and informative conversation with Mr. Rick Caylor. He told me that the "ME" receiver is not yet ready for sale. That much, I knew. He said also that after its current deficiencies are resolved, the "ME" will...
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    4D Map Master Question for all with 4DTV's

    Is 4D Map Master Legally Dangerous? Dear All, I just read Mr. Scott Greczkowski's message accompanying the notice that he has merged the 4DTV Forum with the C-Band Forum. He began by telling his readers that 4DTV is dead. To substantiate his idea, he cited a couple of events. Those things...
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    What Has Happened to the 4DTV Forum?

    Dear All, I looked at my Apple Safari web-site and saw the page for the 4DTV Forum. It told me that there are no messages in it. I then looked at the appropriate location for this particular Forum, and it was not there. What has happened? Sincerely, Gordon F. Corbett
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    Looks like has been hi-jacked.

    Hooray! Now you are talking! I have been waiting for Iceberg to evaluate that machine. I mean no derogation of the other reporting users, including especially Stone and you, but even I know that Iceberg writes good reviews. The Manhattan entered the market quite some time ago, and Mr...