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    AT&T Wireless Customers with DIRECTV or U-Verse can stream Data-Free

    Verizon Wireless has the exclusive rights to stream nationally televised games ( Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night) games on cell phones through a contract with the NFL. That's why you couldn't do it on your phone, but would have been able to stream on a tablet or computer.
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    Recovery Kit Box

    In my experience, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the kit to arrive. In fact I received a kit yesterday for a receiver that I deactivated on May 24. You will know when they send the recovery kit because it will appear on your order list.
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    DirecTV 4th Quarter Results - Revenue up 13%, added nearly 1M cust Last Year

    And you missed this sentence: Excluding a pre-tax charge of $491 million ($486 million after tax) related to the merger with Liberty Entertainment completed on November 19, 2009, net income attributable to DIRECTV and diluted earnings per share increased 37% to $454 million and 50% to $0.48...
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    Problems sending back bad HD receiver!

    I didn't say that I was worried. I just wanted to point out that D* doesn't necessarily ship recovery kits quickly.
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    Problems sending back bad HD receiver!

    It took three weeks for my recovery kit to arrive when I upgraded a standard dvr to an hd dvr.
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    DirectTV MVR status?

    Try the CE forum.
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    DirecTv On Demand

    Use a wireless game adapter. I've got a Linksys WGA600N connected to my second-floor HR21, and it works well even though my router is located in the basement.
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    DirecTV Loyalty Progam

    I found the same message on my account today. My anniversary month should be March, so I'll see what happens then.
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    Contacting Directv Via Email

    I've usually heard back within 24 hours.
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    Thinking of switching from Dish to DirectTV

    I live on LI and I get HD versions of channels 2,4,5,7,9 and 11. AN HD version of 13 should be available later this year. All the other locals are SD.
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    Out of marktet Yankee games in HD?

    IIRC, last year I paid around $149 for MLBEI, $39 for MLBEI Superfan, and of course the $10 HD access fee. You don't need the Sports Pack unless you want to see the pre- and post-game shows that the RSNs offer. My guess is that both MBLEI and Superfan will increase in price -- my guess is...
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    Out of marktet Yankee games in HD?

    No, you will need to purchase Superfan and MLBEI to get the HD games.
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    DirecTV News - $199 HD-DVR, 2008 Nascar, & New HD Locals

    I'm in western Suffolk County, and haven't had any problems.
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    NY MPEG4 locals - any issues for anyone?

    I have the same issue on channel 7.
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    Who knows, maybe the rights are not effective until the Liberty/Newscorp deal is approved?