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    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $1.40.99(cash) - 1.49.99(cash or credit). South central South Dakota.
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    What are you doing to replace older Tracfones like the Nokia 2126.

    I bought a ZTE Z233VL flip phone - Sort of a dumb smart phone. To me it's a pain to program but easy to use once set up. Compatible with CDMA(Verizon) - You can download music files to it, although I don't. Like you it's for emergency use, usually the only time it is on is when I want to make...
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    Hopper3 CC problem

    Problem has been corrected with 547.
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    Hopper3 CC problem

    I believe that to be a bug in 544. Following is how I have it set. On my Hopper 3 it is as you describe, same setting on my Joey it works as expected. Closed Captoning On TEXT Color White Size Large (200%) Style...
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    Need help with specs to get the right HDMI Splitter . . .

    I was using a MOVCLE HDC-102 with my H1 to split the HDMI to an HDMI recorder, haven't hooked it up to my H3 yet though don't know if it will work there. You do have to turn on TV1 first though so that the handshake occures, then turn on the recorder, the recorder will not do the handshake with...
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    Charge for VOD Searching

    Forgot to add that, $5.99 I don't buy VOD movies so if I did it was a slip of my fingers! I looked and do not see it under rentals, though that was in Dec. so it was for the movie "Searching" and not just searching, it may have been deleted.
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    Charge for VOD Searching

    My last bill shows a One time charge for "VOD SEARCHING". $5.99 Since when do they charge for searching? Hopper 3
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    Dish Remotes Question

    Call Dish, they will probably send you one free.
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    Managing Shared Recordings on Hopper 3

    Two ways... when you click on a program; if the percentage line is all blue it's been watched. Second way when you click on the program it there is a resume option it's been watched, or at least partcialy watched.
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    ME TV On Dish

    I'll come to your defense... These guys are picking on you without checking it out. As received from dish with the aspect ratio set to normal the picture is tall and thin. Stretching it out makes the picture look normal. You do loose a touch of sharpness but the aspect is correct. BTW...
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    Any ideas?

    Check all connections, especially those outdoors for a center wire that is too short that when it gets cold shorten up enough to lose contact.
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    HELP-->Switching To Dish! Prefered Equipment/Programming When Ordering For 3 Rooms?

    I can vouch for that, the one that installed my H3 didn't even put the ground wire on the dish and it was right there, All he had to do was bolt it on. :-(
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    The Dish Network User Interface Thread

    You can change that to a light guide. Menu, Settings, Apperance, Classic
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    Received software version U506 on my 2 Hopper3 receivers

    I don't know if it's the latest or not but mine shows 483 on 11/17/17 and I downloaded 506 on the Hopper a couple of days ago.