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    Picture Quality on NFL Sunday Ticket

    Thats sad, considering how much they charge for sunday ticket. And once the new sats launch they will probly jack the price even higher.
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    Problem with H10 reciver

    Sometimes when changing channels the picture doesn't pop up, No audio or video, Just a black screen. I have to hit the previous channel button twice, then the picture shows up every time. Anyone else have this problem with this reciever?
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    Voom to D*, dazed and confused

    Use the voom rebate $200, Plus today I just got a $500 credit from voom just for being a loyal customer and hanging in till the end.
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    D* with 5.1 Surround Sound

    Yes that really sucks that there is no Digital Optical ports. I did notice some stations sound better than others. I guess I will just have to mess with it more and try to get it sounding fairly decent. Thanks for the replies.
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    D* with 5.1 Surround Sound

    It is Model: D10-200
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    D* with 5.1 Surround Sound

    Anyone have any info about the settings I should be running on my receiver, Its a Onkyo HT-670. The center channel is the only clear one and the rest are just garbled and distorted. If I play a DVD or CD my system sounds great, Does D* have a problem with Dolby Digital or Pro Logic II?
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    Voom's Dead

    Tis a sad day indeed, was great while it lasted though.. well I guess its time for Drinko De Mayo!
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    Big News for Voom on E*, can D* get a similar deal

    Dang, Directv should should be all over this. Big advantage for dish if they are the only ones that get the Voom originals. Those are some awesome channels. It doesn't make it any easier for me to pick a new provider, maybe I will wait a while longer...
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    Confusing Info on HD Receiver from Direct TV

    So there is more than one brand of recievers with DirecTV huh? Is there a brand that is better than the others??
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    DTV's New HD Satellites

    Sweet! sounds good. I hope I will like DirecTV althought it seems as though im taking a big step backwards after being spoiled by Voom :) . Thanks.
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    DTV's New HD Satellites

    I'm an Ex-Voomer looking at DTV, Thinking of taking their $200 offer but have questions about their 2 new satellites expected to launch this year and their "1500 HD channels" (yeah right). What is the status of this project? Is it on schedule? Have they launched already or what? Or is this all...
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    So now that voOm looks like its going to survive what does it need to change?

    Voom needs to change... 1. Their marketing strategy. 90% of the population probly don't know voom exists or what they offer. 2. They should change thier name to somthing else, VOOM sounds pretty lame.
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    Delayed Sound

    Anyone notice that the sound on most of the channels is just a split second delayed? Sometimes it's not that bad and other times it seems like im watching an old kung fu movie. Am I the only one that is experiencing this? Is there a way I can adjust it?