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    Dish never shut off service VIP622 stolen!!!

    I asked about the VIP but I owned most of the equipment so they said " just give a call when you return" I believe they thought I had owned the VIP also i guess??? I in Heine sight should have been more attentive to the issue but my unit was not given much time!
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    Dish never shut off service VIP622 stolen!!!

    I have been with them since they were branded "Echo Star". dish said it was never cut off by me. I totally agree it is on me, but I thought for keeping a customer thats been around as long as I have they would at least do something??? I do think it was someone that I knew and even if I could...
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    Dish never shut off service VIP622 stolen!!!

    Yes they cut it off at 2 months plus the hardware coast.
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    Dish never shut off service VIP622 stolen!!!

    Hello! When I unexpectedly had to leave the country a couple of years ago, I called dish to shut off service. They said all I have to do is call them back up once I return. Well I am back and found that all my things are gone-stolen and the police will not make a report. Reports I have been...
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    Direcway problems/alternative to Direcway

    :) well to start fema and direcway set these up as "Temp" installs. and are authorized to be non standard install. a non-pen mount is a fair way to install this situation. all sats are running good! i have a dw6000 on satmex5 and a hn7700s on a8. so you shouldn't be so stuck on one sat! taking...
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    Dish Network: Distant Networks

    the new rv forms came out late spring of this year. everyone will be required to complete it! i completed it about 6 months ago.
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    vip622 counter reset???

    :) thank you! i have also tried to use a ir non-touch temp gun to check it. I'm way down now to a average of 85deg. from 100+ before.
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    vip622 counter reset???

    can you reset the counters on the vip622? i have moved it to a cooler spot and want to see if its helping. but it still shows the high temps from day one. resetting all the other info would be nice also! thanks!
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    EchoStar Launches Huge Piracy Raid

    :hatsoff: :clap :wave :bow :neener :haha :bounce :up
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    D* buying E*? Looks Unlikely. Rupert selling D*? Maybe

    DirecTV Swap Between News Corp., Liberty Media? News reports yesterday suggested that News Corp. and Liberty Media are discussing an agreement that would include swapping News Corp.'s 40 percent stake in DirecTV - worth about $9 billion - for Liberty's 18 percent hold on News Corp. (valued...
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    starband new service

    StarBand Rebrand: Nova Goes for "High End" They may not get the attention that cable modems and DSL services have drawn on Wall Street of late, but satellite broadband services are alive and kicking. Such is the implication of today's news that sat broadband service provider StarBand is...
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    General Info

    DirecTV Keeps Eye on DVRs, HDTV DirecTV continues to make progress with key products and services while at the same time focusing on quality customers. That's the message the satellite TV company delivered to those in attendance at a Kaufman Bros. investment conference last week. The key...
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    Hn Security

    Hughes Network Systems, LLC today announced that it has received Protection of Cardholder Information (PCI) Data Security certification. Of the over 250 companies considered compliant by the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), the governing body for the PCI standard, Hughes is one...
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    Charlie Chat Recap 9/11

    we will let you barrow a pony for $199! the feed will run you $6 per month. lol
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    Charlie Chat Recap 9/11

    EchoStar Backs Off iN Demand The Federal Communications Commission said yesterday that EchoStar Satellite L.L.C. withdrew its program access complaint against iN Demand and asked the agency to dismiss the complaint without prejudice. The issue stemmed from a 2005 complaint filed on behalf...