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    South Asian Package loses channels, price remains same

    In an example of DISH not adjusting pricing, the South Asian Hindi Mega Pack lost a couple of channels like Star Plus and Star Bharat, as the Star network stopped their broadcast operations in the US on DISH and focused primarily on streaming their channels via the Hotstar app. DISH is still...
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    Any D.I.R.T members online? None show up on list

    They are more responsive on twitter: @dish_answers
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    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    It almost sounds like cable channels are getting replaced by individual streaming apps and creating the de-facto ala carte model that everyone is wanting
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    Free voice remote upgrade for my Hopper 3!

    I just checked my account online, and saw an offer for a free voice remote upgrade. That is nice of them, considering I have been with them for more than 14 years now! The remote upgrade is with no strings, all I have to do is click "Redeem Now". It is little things like this that can help...
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    No sound when setting Dolby Digital off on H3

    Well, the dolby digital setting off issue seems to be fixed, but no matter what the output volume from the Hopper 3 to my soundbar still is low and sounds compressed. I have to turn the volume up to 50% of max and still it is not good enough on some channels. Does anyone else have that problem...
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    Hopper 3 audio issue: low volume

    Thanks, I will try that. I was concerned that the Range Wide setting would drown out the dialog with background music etc. I tried it once before, and I felt that. Perhaps subsequently with software updates the behavior has changed
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    Hopper 3 audio issue: low volume

    My Hopper 3 seems to have an audio issue. When I keep the audio settings at Dolby digital and volume leveling off, the volume is very low and I have crank my Sony sound bar to more than 50% to hear normal volume and the audio sounds over compressed. When I switch it to PCM then I lose all audio...
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    DISH ETF Contract Buyout option on MyDISH

    Unfortunately it disappeared after I clicked on it
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    DISH ETF Contract Buyout option on MyDISH

    Two days ago when I was on and looking at my account, at the very bottom, there was a button for DISH ETF Contract Buyout, I clicked on it and it described something about DISH wanting to cover upto $250 of the contract, incidentally, I am 1 year away from my contract expiring. Has...
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    Dishnet Hopper sound level

    Looks like the sound level is fixed now!
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    Dishnet Hopper sound level

    I don't know, I don't keep track of when DISH updates software, I was just speculating as a possible reason!
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    Dishnet Hopper sound level

    How should we get this sound issue resolved? Contact DIRT? Or wait for another software update to fix what they affected with the last one?
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    Dishnet Hopper sound level

    I have not changed audio settings they have always been Dolby On and Auto Levelling On
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    Dishnet Hopper sound level

    I have observed the same thing, specifically in the last few days, I have had to raise the volume higher than normal.
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    Prime Time Anytime

    Does the auto-skip feature work with OTA recordings as well?