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    The Roku 4 is here!

    Yeah, I broke down and bought one. It's sitting next to my Apple TV.
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    Designated Survivor

    The President is not the target. The First Lady is.
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    Wireless Headphones With No Delat

    About one night a week, I never fall asleep. I have to be at work by 5:30am, so sometimes, I just sit here and play video Solitare. I've decided I'm going to watch TV so I need a pair of wireless headphones. In reading reviews, I'm come across a delay issue with some sets. If I'm already not...
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    Designated Survivor

    I just finished watching the fall ending. I have a theory. :)
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    Alignment Issues

    What .....if you've moved....and can't call for a tech to come out? Is there a way to find someone to do that?
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    TOGETHER(Having A Ball)-Partridge Family
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    Harmony smart control

    Do you love or like your 900? :)
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    Harmony smart control

    K...still looking. Let's do this....What remote is everyone using right now?
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    Blu Ray & SACD Question

    I just snagged an Oppo 83 off ebay and I'm happy about it.
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    Blu Ray & SACD Question

    I hadn't look at the back of my Arcam since the day I bought it and guess what. Analog inputs. Feel like a rookie right now.
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    So did you order a new iPhone?

    I did not! I'm still liking my 4s and really haven't seen a reason to update. My HTC Hero didn't last the two years on my Sprint contract, but my iphone has. Maybe, I'm meant to have the 6.
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    Blu Ray & SACD Question

    I'm sitting here thinking I need to replace my Panny BD65 with a BR player than will pass SACD as well. Got my eye on an Oppo...but... My receiver does not have the multiple analog connections. So, will SACD pass through toslink? I want to hear 5.1 SACD's...and if I'm going to do this...
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    Harmony smart control

    My 880 is starting to get wonky...and I'm looking for a new remote. I like the idea of the Harmony Ultimate but the reviews have been awful. Harmony One is pricey but if I could be talked into it, I might do that. I'm also looking at the Universal 450.
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    Big Brother 14

    If it's Bran-chel or Evil Dick, I'm out.