I'll Need A New TV Soon


    After 24 hours of being down the DIRECTV has fully restored its service after a satellite issue.

    DIRECTV thanks you for your patience!!

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I'll need a new TV by Father's Day at the latest. I don't have 4K now, but I want it. No smaller than 60 inch and after that, I'm listening to y'all.
Do I want QLED? I'm seeing bad and good reviews of it. My budget will be $1000 firm and I'll be replacing a Samsung 60 inch HD. I don't care
how "smart" it is, as I want quality PQ.

QLED has a lot of fans. You MIGHT get a Sony XBR900H in the 65” size for $1,000 - or a little bit more. Not sure if they sell it in 60” size. Or maybe a prior year model.

You could shop Costco.

They are pretty much all “smart” today. They use that smarts to log what you watch and sell it to advertisers. I kid you not. But it brings down the price of the TV.
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From that Amazing place.

You can stay within budget and still get quality if you drop to 55”.
I’d certainly want to see that TCL in person before buying.
i have a TCL 5 series i think it is and it's starting to die going on 5 years old. the screen is starting to go dark. i went into the menu and played around with the settings and nothing. i would question quality on TCL..
Prove it. I work in the automotive service, and all parts labled AC Delco or Motocraft are the exact same as the parts you get from autozone or advance, Fitment problems and pure junk.
As a example, had a heater core job on a 2007 ford F150. Got a aftermarket core for it. It was close, but the tubes did not exit the firewall the same way. Ordered one from ford, came in a Motor-craft box and had a sticker that sais spectra on it and would not fit either. Finally massaged the tubes quite a bit to get them to exit the firewall. If the Chinese want to copy stuff the need to know how to read a micrometer.. 9 hour labor job and even Ford supply's cheap Chinese sh*t.
Read my above post, I work for a living and know the situation.
Don't we ALL work for a Living ?
Your working for a living doesn't address Where a TV came from ....

From what you said, EVERYTHING in China is Bad ... I don't like all the stuff coming out of China either, but its not where Everything is coming from.
Hoefully there are other Tech's on here and understand what I am talking about. There is no reason I need to wollow out holes in a waterpump to be able to put all the bolts in.
I respect your opinions, but trust me, china is taking over making close to replacement parts. Nothing is worse than spending hours diagnosing a car only to find out the the new part you diagnosed is worse than the one you took off. Less electronics, just enough to get the job done on a good day
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