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    322 and 1000.2 Question

    Interesting - That's what I was doing --- Had the receiver and a TV out under the dish mount location. Had the receiver in alignment mode [Menu-6-1-1] and it set for 119 transponder 15. I remember it saying wrong satellite when I first found the signal, but then I changed the satellite to 129...
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    322 and 1000.2 Question

    Sorry, had one more question... In the 1000.2 manual it says that 119 is on port 1. That is where the cable is hooked up to. So I guess that 'dedicated' port is not specifically for 119 when aligning the dish?
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    322 and 1000.2 Question

    Thanks everyone! Should have figured that out on my own, but.... I guess not [Face-palm]... :) When I get a moment I'll head out there and move it a little more south and up... thanks again for the advice!
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    322 and 1000.2 Question

    I have a 322 and a 1000.2 dish. When I run a switch test it shows 129, 119 and 110, but 110 shows 'Conn'... Is this normal? Thought there were some SD stuff still on 110.... ????
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    License De-Install Help

    Hi - Am looking to see if I can get some help getting my current DPPro license 'detached' from whatever phone I had it on last so I can install the license on the phone I have now... How would one contact such a person with the admin abilities to do this???
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    Dish Network FlexTV Questions..

    Been reading the forum and just have one question. I have a 322 that was given to me by the previous owner (upgraded to HD) and I'd like to put it on the Flex program. The whole install is DIY and the install location has a Dish 1000.2 already installed... It looks to me like this type of...