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    Comcast to start encrypting basic cable 'over the coming months'

    I'm talking local channels that you can get OTA .
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    Comcast to start encrypting basic cable 'over the coming months'

    Today I was forced to pick up a UDTA for my Samsung LED HDTV , no longer able to watch HD. I still have a CRT analog TV and used a DTA for the last year. So as of 1st or 2nd week in March we gained Music Choice channels and all the subscription channel slots , no longer able to channel surf to...
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    Azbox PAL default resolution remote mistake

    LAK 7 thanks for replying. I was able to get it back to NTSC , somehow the resolution button being pressed actually made my TV fart , I swapped out the tv to my trusty Commodore 64 TV monitor fron 1983 and I could see the TV clearly went to proper setting and switched RCA cables back to TV...
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    Azbox PAL default resolution remote mistake

    I believe this has been covered somewhere on here , but the search option isn't much help tonight. Using remote in the dark and accidentally hit Resolution by mistake which really sucks , not the first time but somehow I blindly restored it in the past now you think I'd learn by now to be...
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    Sky Mexico?

    Yes , I was referring to OTA in larger cities.
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    Sky Mexico?

    Non-Religious channels are desired according to OP , but I definitely agree with your satellite selection and I bet you can get plenty of non-religious programming on NSS-806 too. As long as Azteca is ITC , I believe these channels might be the best offering on Ku from Mexico. You would...
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    The Fourth Kind

    Saw the 12:01 Friday showing ,eventhough I saw the trailer I didn't know what to expect, Milla Jovovich appearing in both trailer and also at the begining of the movie with her scripted based on or inspired by true events really killed it for me . Enjoyed the story but don't feel like I have...
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    What I did last summer

    Wow ................... LOL That's exactly what I'm talking about , and like I said ...... 2 solid dishes and possibly more in that stretch. 14Karat ..... BTW ..... I did stop in (whoops)South Haven but I didn't take any backroads otherwise I might direct you towards one in your neck of the...
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    BBC unveils new Doctor Who Logo

    Personally I like the Logos from 73-80 and 80-84.
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    Where the Wild Things Are

    Boring to say the least , adapting a 10 page story ok 20 if you include the pictures into a movie an hour and a half long just wasn't entertaining enough , closed my eyes about 3 times ,I dozed off once started snoring startled myself and those around me. Coolest part was the creatures and...
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    What I did last summer

    Try Highway 19 west from I-40 going towards Brownsville all the way to Ripley. At least 2 solid white Birdviews.
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    What I did last summer

    I've been off this forum for several months only occasionally checking in , so for those who have been wondering where I've been , here it goes. I had a fellow Satellite Guy and Sadoun Forum member from Phoenix visit me at my home for a couple of days over the summer , besides sight seeing we...
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    Free Sample of the Week - Satellite AV - Ends 9.16.2009

    Thanks for the contest , you can count me in
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    Free Sample Of the Week Satellite AV - Ends 9.9.2009

    Count me in also and thanks for running this promotion
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    Contest: Enter to Win a Mini BUD from Satellite AV

    Every summer vacation from age 9 thru high school meant a season pass to the local rec pool , I enjoyed that very much and enjoyed going with my friends and cousins and also have alot of family in Florida so my whole family would get in the car and take the trip for many years . I still enjoy a...