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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    The top picture is my dish 4k and the bottom is my roku 4k/HDR feed. The HDR is so washed out.
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    I’ve actually noticed the HDR stream on fox sports app is very washed out color wise. The 4k via dish is a bit more saturated and looks nicer.
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    I don’t think it will do Netflix in 4K yet. I get the option to watch 4K on my Roku but not when it’s through the hopper.
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    DISH to deliver Olympics in 4K HDR

    hmmm. If I set a recording for Olympics on that channel from 9am-9pm. how much would I actually get until the DVR is full? ; )
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    Might Leave Dish Any Hope

    Sling TV?
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    DISH to deliver Olympics in 4K HDR

    Can the H3 record in 4k?
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    Joey 3?

    just got my Joey 3s, thanks to DIRT here. I definitely notice a speed change and actually think the picture is a bit clearer. Really notice it in the guide. Love the 54 remote illumination feature. Not sure how much I'll use the voice commands. But so far so good.
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    Joey 3?

    I've tried to get Joey 3s to replace my 2s and the CSR gave me "they're exactly the same, you don't need them". Never experienced that kind of rudeness from a Dish CSR before. But also told they are not out in all markets yet either. My 2s are quite slow now.
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    Joey 3

    Was supposed to get 2 Joey 3s today but installer called to tell me they don’t have em yet. Must only be avail in certain markets right now.
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    Netflix stops/crashes on 4K joeys

    That did it! Thank you. Love that this place is more help than Dish’s tech support.
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    Netflix stops/crashes on 4K joeys

    I just chatted with a CSR last night and they told me they are aware of the problem with Netflix and some Joeys and are working on it. Hopefully a new software update will be soon.
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    52 remote program help?

    Hey folks. I have a 52 remote with a Joey upstairs and have an older samsung Blu Ray player that doesn't have the orig. remote. I used the wizard to program it and it can power on the player, and do the left, right and select buttons, but to navigate up or down I have to use the chan. up and...
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    Netflix stops/crashes on 4K joeys

    I can’t get either of my two joeys to connect to Netflix. Hopper 3 works fine.
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    Contacting DIRT

    My dish app on iOS won’t allow me to change receivers anymore. It crashes every time.
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    Dish anywhere app offline mode on Verizon.

    Ever since I switched to an unlimited data plan I find the app goes into offline mode when using LTE data. When on WiFi, no issues. Is Verizon blocking it?