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    ATSC 3.0 in Baltimore

    I scanned WNUV's ATSC 3.0 signal into my Nextgen ready Sony XBR-55X900H yesterday. My set indicates that WBAL and WMPT-TV are both 1080p not 1080i as stated on the RabbitEars Info site. In any regard, the picture looks great!
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    The Blaze TV now on FAVE TV

    The Blaze TV network is now on FAVE TV channel 206 Jeff
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    Newbie on Sky Angel Channels

    Yes, Fox News is in the FAVE TV lineup.
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    David and Goliath

    From Forbes Magazine September 10, 2012: "The Tiny TV Broadcaster That Cable And Internet Giants Are Trying To Kill" This is what happens when companies become...
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    Any outages yesterday evening?

    We experienced the exact same symptoms in our two vehicles. Everything was back to normal the next morning.
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    New Channels Added to Sky Angel

    Five new channels have been added to the Sky Angel lineup: Pets TV Recipe TV My destinatiion TV Wealth TV Cars TV These have been added to the Family Package
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    Sky Angel New Receiver

    I had Sky Angel when they were on satellite and continued with their IPTV service nearly 2 years ago. As far as speed, they have always recommended a minimum of 1.5mbps. I'm happy with the service as they provide access to programs such as Wretched, Word Pictures and Grace to You on networks...
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    Sky Angel New Receiver

    Here is the Neulion page that gives the specs. for the new receiver: NeuLion - Internet Television Technology Innovators (IPTV) - What We Do
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    Familynet 161 off the air come december?

    Wretched Radio FamilyNet and the program "Wretched Radio" is the main reason I subscribed to Sirius nearly 3 years ago. Very disappointed!
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    New Things on Sky Angel

    One correction, this function works for ALL channels. This is a great feature, Now I can remove all of the "WOF" (TBN, GEB etc...) as well as shopping channels from my lineup.
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    Discovery to terminate agreement with Sky Angel

    Our Letter to Discovery Communications I sent this email to Discovery Communications and will follow up by sending a hard copy via snail mail. Mr. Zaslav, We are Sky Angel subscribers who have been very pleased with our IPTV service and its programming choices. It saddens and disappoints...
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    FCC National Broadband Goals

    The FCC has created a Broadband web site that Sky Angel subs and those considering subscribing should be interested in The site provides a link for a speed test that not only reports your download and upload speeds but also latency and jitter. A description of each...
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    Sky Angel WebTV Worldwide

    Many of the Sky Angel Faith channels are now available on your computer worldwide. I don't know if the VOD channels are available yet. Neulion - Newsletter. Jeff
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    NRB Network Now on Sky Angel

    Good news! NRB Network is now on Sky Angel channel 126
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    It looks like it's gone. It was a .2 channel on WGCB-DT Red Lion, PA but has been replaced with Universal Sports as well. I remember when it debuted on Sky Angel satellite as "FaithTV". I hope the NRB Channel is added soon. Jeff