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    Can the HDTV light be turned off on 922?

    Man that light is BRIGHT!!! When I am watching a BluRay the HDTV moniker is unbelivably bright. Is there a menu item whereby that blasted light can be turned off?!!:mad:
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    32 remote is a step backwards

    Why do you need an IR immiter when the 922 comes with one. You just have to turn it on.
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    922 pausing every two to three minutes?

    Problem is, since I rebooted it does not happen as often. Tonight I have been watching recorded shows from USA and CBS (OTA) and they do not seem to be doing the pause bit. When It starts doing it I will video the process and download it. Give me a day or two -- it usually does not take...
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    922 pausing every two to three minutes?

    Cool, so I am not alone -- nor am I tripping!:)
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    922 pausing every two to three minutes?

    Well, I now have my 922 pausing every two to three minutes for about 10 to 15 seconds before it continues what I am watching. I do watch most of my tv on the DVR as I can zip past the pesky commercials but it also happens during live broadcasts. While I was watching the Lakers/Thunder...
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    Video output resolution

    All settop boxes (satellite and cable) will only output at the resolution you chose. AVR's with upconvert chips in the HDMI channel do the same thing as does your tv set. Depending on your set (720p, 1080i, 1080p) what resolution you chose is what your set will show. If you chose 720p then...
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    It just works, Not!

    It is my understanding - and from the Tech that set up my install - that the second TV ability will be coming in June with a Slingbox add-on to your second HDTV. This will allow you to watch anything you have recorded on the 922 on the second HDTV in HD! My wife is excited about this because...
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    Woops!! Can't Create New Folders! Help?

    Then how do you turn it on? I have serveral epidodes of LOST and DR WHO and they are not in a folder -- they are shown in the NO FOLDER as individual episodes and not in a folder by themselves. Am I missing something?
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    Woops!! Can't Create New Folders! Help?

    Well -- thanks Breser. :) I do indeed have 5 user defined folders. Why is there a limit on that? And why can I not have Sub Folders inside the Folders? Seems like a silly limitation. On the 622 Folders were automatically created if you recorded more then one episode per timer. Why does...
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    Woops!! Can't Create New Folders! Help?

    I love the new 922. Love the interface, really like the guide in HD and best of all I like how the DVR sets up new recordings and allows you to have them saved in folders created at the time you set up the timer. :love However---I was editing my recordings and while in the NO FOLDER...
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    The NBA Playoffs are SO much better than the NCAA tournament

    Back when you had kids staying in school until they graduated and freshman did not play -- college ball was exceptional but now? One and dones have destroyed any reasonable level of play from college teams. Most majors are getting use to having one and dones come and play and then take off...
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    My friend is already regretting getting a 922

    Hi guys, just wanted to pass this on as a FYI. During my installation of the Eastern Arc dish and 922 the installer and I had a very interesting conversation about installs. It seems that a week ago he went out on a service call for an install and he was the third installer on this...
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    New 240Hz HD set...should I upgrade HDMI cables?

    The loading of the disc is alot quicker (Panasonic is quoting .5 sec times) but the actual booting up of the media is still being hampered by no memory on board by most of the Blu Ray manufacturers. There are a few Blu Ray players coming out this year - primarily the 3-D ones - that have...
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    92 UHF vs IR

    My Harmony One was set for the VIP622 and it works great with the 922. You must go to Menu then Settings then Remote Control then activate the IR Control button. If your Home theater remote was working with any of the previous Dish DVRs it will work with the 922. That being said, I set up the...
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    The Official "Yay I got my 922 installed" thread.

    Woke up Sunday and everything works well. Watching HDMV on the computer right now while I am typing this. On using the Home Theater remote with the 922. If it was working with the Dish DVR that you are replaciing then all you have to do is go into the Remote Setting under Settings in the...