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    Help with PAS-9 at 58.0W

    Ariro, Are you sure you´re alright with your subscription? I understand TvUnam is fta and I think the movie preview could be fta also. So these two would get video even without a sub. Another clue towards this is that your viewsat scans in all the tps. If this is so then footprint is not the...
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    Strange thing happened. This morning after a week of trying every day I was able to get the channel at last on my pansat 3500. It rescanned over my latest working entry of this channel so the name Televisa Tijuana stayed the same. And it´s working fine now. The signal is still at 55% which is...
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    I went out and tweaked my 76 cm dish. The most I get is 55% perhaps those 4 extra points you get makes all the difference. I even borrowed a pansat 2500 but nada. I´ve rescanned/blind scanned at least 5 times. I even created a dummy sat position but nothing. I did get a couple of default...
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    Yeah Pro. I forgot to mention the channel and sat. It´s Satmex 5 @116.8w. Thanks. Would really appreciate if you can check and post results.
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    Ice, so a bigger dish will do it? I recall other stbs (viewsats, Captive works) have the option of changing this FEC. Do you think one of those older models would work? Do you think a more modern box might work without changing the dish? If so, which ones would you recommend? Thanks.
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    I´m now getting 50-55%. Before this change I could get around 60.
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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    11977h 1562 recently changed their FEC from 3/4 to 7/8 and now my pansat 3500 won´t show the channel, although I do get signal and quality. The pansat has no way of typing in this new fec. Will I not be able to get it anymore on this stb with my existing 30" dish? I have read that a bigger...
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    All strength no quality.

    Radar, thanks for this great Lnb Skew for Dummies explanation you just gave. I wish I had read this some 3 years ago when I started in fta. It would have made my learning a whole lot easier. I´ve had to learn this the hard way through a LOT of hours in the sun or cold..but hey that´s where the...
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    Smile of a child still on fta, @ 97w

    Watching SOAC at this very moment. Strong signal and a cartoon about ants is on.
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    QuetzSat 1 at 77W

    Echo 1 is aimed at Mexico. Although it is a circular bird, 12486H 20000, which has promos and a music video channel ITC, is a linear tp. I can get over 90%Q on my pansat 2500 and a 30".
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    Sky Mexico LNBF

    I´m in Mexico. Although I have never subscribed to sky nor do I install it for a living, I have aimed a dish at their sat a lot of times for reference, training or whatever. I have been able to scan all their transponders although all I can see is the promo channels. This I have done over the...
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    History Gone?

    Noticed at another site the first report was at 12:22 am. So it might have been blacked out at midnight.
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    History Gone?

    Not good news for starting 2012. Maybe they´re taking the day off...wishful thinking. Kinda makes you wonder if it´s for good because of the timing. Is it a contract thing? What was the last time you all watched it last night? Or how early did you notice it gone this morning? Was it cutoff at...
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    Hispasat 30 degrees

    Would all five receivers be able to tune in to five different channels at the same time with a single or dual output lnb?