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    equipment shortage?

    I'm assuming that the new HR54's still have the old HDMI's, so no 4K on the main unit?
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    equipment shortage?

    I recently received an HR54-500 from Directv. It was a used unit.
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    October changes for Shawdirect

    I have a Shaw system. The technology is good but the programming is junk. It's not Shaw's fault, it's the CRTC and the force-feeding of Canadian channels that do nothing but buy American programming, instead of producing their own. By doing so, they lock out U.S. competition. Maybe the...
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    NBC Mux On 105W

    Isn't it that time of year when the sun passes directly behind the satellites, usually in the afternoon? It usually causes signal lost for a few minutes until it moves behind the next satellite to the west.
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    Why pay for radio

    I agree to a point. It should cost less. Personally, I think the royalty fees for the performers are excessive. It just keeps going up every year.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    It's just the foolishness of needing to add one more receiver for 4K and pay that extra $7 per month. I don't need an extra receiver but if I want 4K, I'll need to pay for one.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    I wish that they would start working on a new 4K Genie, so we don't have to pay for a standalone client receiver. They should allow one free C61K, since they Genie HR54 does 4K, but not as a standalone. Just insanity!
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    Refused Service

    Did you try retention? Those people are a little more easy to deal with then a foreign call center. Most CSR's have substandard training and you may need to move up the food chain.
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    Tired of Waiting

    My HR54-500 is at 0x110b. Should this be updated?
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    Antenna Sales on the rise

    I might give that a try. I have an AZ Box and it does DVBS2.
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    Antenna Sales on the rise

    Thanks, I'll wait for the thunderstorms to end and maybe pull out a 39" dish out of the garage.
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    Antenna Sales on the rise

    Yeah, I have the C Band version of MeTV on SES1 at 101w. I hear Cozi is on Ku band, but I've been too lazy to hook up one my Ku dishes to pick it up. I thought that it would be nice to have it on OTA, so I didn't have to switch on the C Band dish for a few channels. I also like to watch local...
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    Antenna Recommendation

    Going to try a multi-stack system. Pointing a UHF and VHF antenna array with an RCA TVPRAMP1E preamp for Watertown NY, 80 miles East, A Winegard 8 Bay UHF, with a CM7777 preamp pointed 115 miles south for Syracuse NY and a UHF and VHF antenna array with a CM7777 at Rochester, NY, 90 miles south...
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    Antenna Sales on the rise

    Agreed. MeTV, Antenna TV and COZI should be on satellite but aren't. Nick at Night and TV Land used to show all of these oldies programming but decided that it wanted new production. Now I rarely watch TV Land and Nick at Night.
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    Antenna Sales on the rise

    Vizio tried that and had to go back to putting tuners in their latest models. I for one wanted one of the Vizio's, but passed on it, due to no tuner.