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    Is there a browse guide?

    DirecTV doesn't call it a "browse" guide. They call it the mini-guide (and that's what DirecTV's version really is). Just tell her to press the blue button on her white DTV remote.
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    Channels I Get

    Ch's I Get should be working after all of DirecTV's recievers and systems get updated. No sooner.To me, it looks like it should working for everone by March (but I have no inside information).
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    Any D10-200s or D-10-300s updated??

    The D10-300's don't have an update. It's still in testing. Only every other DirecTV Standard reciever gets the update.
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    A List Customer ?? If you get paper mail, you should have gotten something saying you were an A-list customer. Or the CSR was just on crack. :D
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    R15 Software Woes

    The OS isn't on the HDD with the R15. You'll just have to reformat. Down arrow+Rec on the box and hold it until the lights come on.
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    Directv YES INTERACTIVE testing viewable on Ch 1004

    How is this a waste of resources?
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    It's a feature of the VideoGuard system and the information comes from the recievers. I don't think it can differentiate you watching TV and you just leaving your reciever on.
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    DirecTV Measures TV Viewing

    You know all the yellow button does is switches audio feeds. You could have done that with your Samsung TS360.
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    New HD DVR from D*

    Yes, you must pay $5.99 for the DVR. I would recommend a DVD recorder for you. you can get one at Wal-Mart.
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    DVR Scheduling from Net?

    Yes, you can go on Tivo's website and scheldule a program and with a little bit of hacking you can also get video from the unit to your computer.
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    You pressed the Red button, right? And it will look a little different depending on where you live.
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    Then you must also be able to press the Active button and access the interactive menu. Can you tell me the menu listings? Anyway, I guess some H20s do have the update that DirecTV planned to do a long time ago to every H20 reciever. What software version do you have? Wait a minute, you...
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    DIRECTV Launches 'What's Hot' ITV

    Yes, you can get the channel, but do you have the yellow box around it? Can you highlight a program then select it with the select button? Everyone gets the channel, but only those certain recievers can access the interactive features.