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    How To Install a USALS Motor - Condensed Version

    Don't know what a quasi polar rotation is? My reference is to KU band offset dishes with USAL. My setup only required a latitude setting on the Stab 90 motor and a dish elevation setting as well. NO declination required.
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    How To Install a USALS Motor - Condensed Version

    I was referring to the KU band with offset dishes which do not require a declination setting. C band dishes typically use polar mount and require a declination setting.
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    Ku Dish Difficulty

    Better hurry, snow comes early in the maritimes. LOL
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    How To Install a USALS Motor - Condensed Version

    I have found that at the extremes of the arc, its not the azimuth (LON) that is out but rather the dish elevation needs tweaking! Its really critical when setting the closest south sat. It must be the one that is precisely at the top of the arc for your location! If it is not then the motor...
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    Balun Info?

    That balun in the little black box is actually a tiny PCB board. Not much to wear out or fail. Any 300/75 ohm will work. I replaced the black box on my CM 4221 HD with the same as you mention and the VHF reception improved quite a bit.
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    Anik F1R @ 107.3w signal question

    I will continue to watch the local news channels. We have 39 more days of back stabbing, name calling and mud slinging, and thats just the wives of the cadidates!
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    WBBZ in the Erie Penn area is showing 67.5 as DABL. However at the moment it is a blank place holder.
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    Dish Bracket Reference Marks

    When I first started going down the road with the H-H motor, I incorrectly set the LAT on the motor. Took a while to figure it out. Getting the mast perfectly plumb and setting the LAT are critical to properly tracking the arc. Good to hear you got it sorted out!
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    Dish Bracket Reference Marks

    I always assumed that setting declination was for polar mounts only and not off set dishes. But every manufacturer ( 2?) of H-H motors have their methods.
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    Dish Bracket Reference Marks

    Isn't the goal here to adjust the dish elevation for max signal and quality once the latitude is set on the motor. Whats the declnation for? You still have to adjust dish elevation. Setting up USALS, I set the motor to the 0 reference mark, position the motor and dish assembly to point to my...
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    Dish Bracket Reference Marks

    For USALS, with the Stab 90 motor all you do is set the motor to your latitude and set the elevation. No declination.
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    Dish Bracket Reference Marks

    I don't think that there would be declination references on a KU dish. Its a calculated value.
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    Installing a Ham Radio Antenna

    I once stapled a 75 ft long copper wire to the top of a wooden fence fed into an L match. Worked great for a few years. No one ever suspected.
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    Cheap receivers with H.265 Anyone using one?

    And then ATSC 3 changes everything anyways.