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    How much are the $uperdish by itself?

    My mother is having a modular home built with wire for sat already built in at the factory. I have a 301 and 501 that I want to give her if I can get a superdish so she can get locals. All the wiring is setup so that the switch mounts on a hidden compartment on the side of the house and the dish...
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    Free HDTV Receivers...When?

    Not free but I don't know about free HD receivers but I noticed that Circuit City has the Samsung {Sam Sirts-160} for 299.00 after 300.00 off. I did not see any restrictions regard eligible buyers. I am assuming this is a good buy!?! Here is the link in case anyone wants to check...
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    The 510 is dead, long live my 501

    Wellll, my 510 has now done what I could feel coming and died. I will be getting a new one in 5 business days for only 14.95 shipping and handling. I got home from work today and the screen was frozen between in the middle of a channel change. When I rebooted it the 510 keep telling me that my...
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    What DVR combination for TV + PC?

    I just found this on cnet. As a laptop only user I have been limited in my options but this looks as if it might help with archiving. At least it might be the start of some better tech for dvd burning and...
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    DVR Questions

    Hey, would you mind telling me how you upgraded. I am thinking of getting DTivo for my mother but she wants more hours for when she is visiting family and needs to record a lot.
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    Help - Recording to PC?

    How about using one of the usb drive inclosures you can pick up for 25-75 bucks and connects via firewire or usb. Could you also use one of the fast swapable drive enlosure for the pc case. This would at least speed the process up on one end. Does anyone have an idea if something like this could...
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    Help - Recording to PC?

    As I understand it, Unlike say tivo or replay units the sat dvr records the program in its original format without converting anything. It should be the same as seeing it in real time. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. Rumor has it (and you know how rumors float on the web) that...
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    Help - Recording to PC?

    The PVRs will be usefull for time shifting shows you do not wish to archive. It would give you the flexibility to present when you transfer the show to your pc by the virtue of being stored on the PVR untill you delete it. So if something goes wrong with the PC (Not that that would ever ever...
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    Is this the HDTV 40inch model in the promo?

    How are you liking the RCA. It looks really cool. I have 3 rca tv's now and they all have what I consider excellent picture and sound. I know that I probaly am not as exacting as others but they work great for me. I want to get a 811 but I think I am going to wait untill they become more...
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    Superstation bundling

    I have not heard that the $3.00 superstation package would be changing. I do know that when I upgraded to AEP the csr was very surprised that the "computer" allowed me to keep the 8.99 local/Superstation pack as well. he had to redo the priceing that he had quoted me.
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    Is this the HDTV 40inch model in the promo?

    I was browsing around looking at tv prices and came across this on the wal-mart site. I talked to a csr who told me that the tv was made by dish after failing to strike a...
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    Direcway&Directv in the pegasus zone

    Does anyone know if you use Direcway do you have to use Pegasus or can you go directly(heh) to D*. I am really jonesing for some kind of broadband service.
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    is anyone happy with dish 811?

    With all of the problems it makes me wonder if it is all worth it. I am looking into getting a HD set soon. I qualified for the 149 deal and am having trouble deciding if i want to order it for later use with the new set.
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    Trouble with 510

    When my 510 tries to execute a timer and I am viewing a recording and have it paused it has started to freeze half the time and the other half it crashes and restarts. Not only do I loose part of the recording program and what I am watching looses my place. Anyone else having this problem? Any...
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    2 receivers on 1 tv

    I have a superdish and am now thinking of hooking my old 501 up alongside my 510. Would there be any problems with this setup?