The 510 is dead, long live my 501


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Nov 4, 2003
Wellll, my 510 has now done what I could feel coming and died. I will be getting a new one in 5 business days for only 14.95 shipping and handling. I got home from work today and the screen was frozen between in the middle of a channel change. When I rebooted it the 510 keep telling me that my hardrive was full and I needed to erase to make room. But when I go to the programs there is nothing listed, the screen goes PINK! and crashes.
I hooked my old 501 up and it went right on without me calling to turn it on. But it does not have my locals listed. Does anyone know what I can do to get them on it?
Run a Switch Test and cross your fingers.

You also might want to tell dish that you hooked up your old 501, or you may find that it loses programming. Come to think of it, did yuo have locals when the 501 was hooked up? If not, you'll definitely need to let DISH know you hooked it back up til the new 510 arrives.

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