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    Bring us EPIX!!!!!

    Just stating a fact, not an argument. No, not all movies provided are on Netflix. Movies that are on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz are not on Netflix. Netflix use to show Starz until the agreement was not renewed. They just show EPIX movies.
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    Bring us EPIX!!!!!

    The EPIX movies can be seen on Netflix.
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    Interesting off from TWC

    Thanks for this info. I just contacted Time Warner and got a good deal. Whole Home DVR (2 boxes), HBO, Digital Cable, Turbo Internet (20 mb), and unlimited calling phone for $130.99 for 2 years.
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    Hooking up a 211K

    Thanks. That is easy enough. Now, I just need to purchase the 211k. Anyone got one they want to sell?
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    Hooking up a 211K

    I am thinking about purchasing a 211K to hookup in my bedroom. Currently, I am able to watch TV in the bedroom from the 722K from the den. I was thinking about hooking up the 211K myself, so how easy would it be to accomplish this? I am pretty technical, so doing something like this does not...
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    AT Top 250 promotion

    I just contacted one of the DIRT members to upgrade with the promotion.
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    Hopper Poll#2

    In my situation, I only have the 722k. I have 2 HDTV's but one of them is on SD. I would love to get the second one on HD and I did ask about getting a 211k, but I did not want to lose the abilitiy of viewing recorded programming on the 2nd TV. So, I was waiting for the Hopper/Joey to come...
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    56 Day Delay for New Titles at Blockbuster(and Netflix/Redbox also)

    Thought this was in place already with blockbuster. It takes that long to get a new release anyway.
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    11/25/2011 5:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 10 changes

    It also affects the Greensboro nc CW channel. That was not listed in Scott's Posting, which came as a surprise to me.
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    Google and Dish make highest 1st round bids for Hulu

    Either way, it is a win-win situation for Dish Network. Either you will be able to stream Hulu shows to your 722K receiver or be able to stream it through GoogleTV if Google wins out.
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    Dish Said to Plan Blockbuster Rival to Netflix

    Interesting! Wonder if you will be able to watch streaming movies from your Dish receiver. Think about it. Google might buy out Hulu, so with Google TV, Dish is looking pretty good right now. Dish made a lot of people happy with adding MLB Network. Now they just need to come with agreement...
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    Coming back to DISH

    Thanks everyone. I thought about getting the sling adapter, but I don't think I will ever use it. I am thinking about getting the google tv, but I will purchase that at amazon, since it is $99. I am going to also plug in an external hard drive to the dvr. Does Dish still charge a fee to get...
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    Coming back to DISH

    Thanks Raymond for the reply. I did not realize that it is a $200 upgrade for the 922 over the 722, so I will just place my order online and get the 722k.
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    Coming back to DISH

    I got a advertisement from Dish last week about coming back. It has been less than a year since I have left, but they were going to offer me the same promo as new customers would get. After thinking about it, I started to fill out my order online. I am only going to have 2 TV's (HD in Den and...
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    Goodbye Charlie... (OFFICIAL I am Leaving DISH Thread)

    I'm leaving next Monday and going back to Time Warner. Time Warner has improved on their HD channels so they have more than Dish now. Sure, I have to pay a early termination fee with Dish, but I am saving $70.00 a month with bundling with Time Warner. I was hoping that the Fox Sports channels...